A Thanksgiving tale...

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  • Jim_TX

    Another thread about Thanksgiving caused me to remember something that happened a long time ago...

    When I was a teenager - my mom and the rest of us kids went on an adventure... I believe it was up to Dallas... or thereabouts. Anyway, on the way - the ol' '52 Desoto that we had... you know... those 3-seaters... (you see them used as taxis in old Bing Crosby movies)... well, anyway - the car broke down in Temple, Texas.

    So... there we were, all fretting about being stuck (it happened to be on Thanksgiving Day, too) - and were at this gas station. (Did you know that in the 60's most places closed on Thanksgiving Day?)

    My mom was sitting there in the front seat and said something like... "Let me see... who do I know in Temple?"

    We were all laughing... and then she says, "Now... wait a minute... I think I do... I think I have a cousin that lives here..."

    Well, she went to the phone booth - looked through the phone book, and whaddya know? She found a relative right there in Temple, TX.

    She phoned them, and after the customary ?hellos? and whatever ? one of them came over and looked at the car.

    It was getting dark, and they invited us all over to eat and stay the night.

    Everyone at this house? and there were a lot of them there? had already eaten, and they were kicked back watching some football game on the TV. I think it was the Dallas Cowboys playing?

    In the dining room, on the table? I swear? I had never seen so much food in all my life!!! ? and remember? these were leftovers!

    We had a feast that night? I never got to eat turkey and dressing that much? my mom could only afford it every other year ? if that ? at that time.

    Not only that? these folks had a color TV!!! We only had a 17? black-n-white TV at home? even though it was the late 60?s. So, I got to watch some football (which I didn't understand), on a color TV.

    These people? even though they were relatives and all? really bent over backwards to make us feel welcome. They fed us ? and allowed us to stay the night ? and not only that ? one of the men there called around looking for a new water pump to fix our car. He found one in? I believe Waco, TX. He drove there the next day, picked it up and repaired the ol? Desoto, too!

    Now? these folks were NOT JWs? just relatives that my mom hadn?t been in touch with for about 10 years.

    They really made us feel welcome with their kindnesses that they extended to us.

    After that? we never doubted my mom?s ability to find relatives in obscure places?

    Jim TX

  • Wild_Thing

    That's so typical, Jim! And "worldly" people are considered soooo evil!

    Just wondering ... how much did your mom have to do with them after that? Was it another 10 years before you saw them again?

  • Jim_TX


    "Was it another 10 years before you saw them again?"

    hahahahaha - wow! How did you know? Yup! My mom was good at 'lying' - and saying "We'll have to get together someday." - meaning... "I'll never call you, unless I need something."

    Jim TX

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