"The understanding"

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  • seattleniceguy

    When I first left the organization and started thinking things over, nothing represented the thought-control as succinctly as the oft-used phrase "the understanding," as in the sentence, "What is the understanding of the parable of the sheep and the goats?"

    This must boggle the minds of outsiders. It implies that there is a single understanding, which all Witnesses have. Consider what happens in the case of New Light: "The understanding of that scripture has changed [and therefore, your understanding has changed too]." It's as though Witnesses are mental marrionettes, who find out at meeting or in a couple paragraphs of a 5-page magazine article that their understanding has changed. "By the way, you don't think that anymore. You think this. Do we...understand each other?"


  • Terry

    The understanding is like standing under a bird with diarrhea.

    When the worldwide brotherhood looks up for guidance; they get it right between the eyes.

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Too right.

    The understanding of that scripture has changed [and therefore, your understanding has changed too

    I remember my mother saying this about someone's comment at the Watchtower study: "Brother XXX was wrong. We've had a new thought on that!"


  • recoveringjw

    Hive mentality! Gaaaaaah! And I always thought it was amusing that people around here call the WTBTS "the borganization". Now, I have new "understanding" and it's not funny anymore!


  • Terry

    It has been mathematically proven: it takes 2 half-wits to equal one wit. (wit must be short for Jeh Wit).

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    we are BORG, lower your intellect, surrender your will, your financial and physical resources will be made to do field service for us.

  • VM44

    Walter Martin said in one of Biblical Hermeneutics tapes that the word "Interpretation" is another way of saying "Understanding".

    So "What is the understanding of this scripture?" could be replaced with "What is the interpretation of this scripture?"

    Sounds like the JWs don't want to use the word "Interpretation."


  • VM44

    Hmmmm, thinking more about the Walter Martin recording, Martin may have said that "Make Clear" is another meaning for "Interpretation".

    Have to listen to the tape again!


  • Farkel

    This thread reminded me of that classic thread by JT where he dredged up a phrase I had forgotten years ago:

    "Which way is the Society LEANING on this?"

    Both of these phrases are clear proof that the WTS is a religion that bounces around the water like a ship without sails or a rudder.


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