New System: Marriage and children?

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  • alamb

    Thank goodness I'm forgetting this stuff. What are the latest teachings regarding marriage of Armageddon survivors and their having children? Resurrected spouses cannot remarry, correct? What of live survivors?

  • blondie

    Those who live through Armageddon will be able to have children. Single ones will be able to marry survivors and have children.

    I have heard it said too that those who lost children will raise them as well.

    The WTS official doctrine is eventually when the earth is "comfortably" full of people that God will perform some sort of universal BC so no more children will be born.

    Blondie (an old quote for a current understanding)


    w67 8/15 p. 506 Getting a Permanent Hold on Life ***

    By the end of the thousand years the earth will be populated to its "four corners," in its four quarters, as a result of the resurrection of all the dead from earthly and watery graves during Christ?s millennial reign. This population may have been contributed to by those of the "great crowd" of Armageddon survivors who marry or are already married and who for some time after the end of this wicked system raise families, as Noah?s children did after the global flood. We do not know now how many in toto will inhabit the earth, although during the thousand years censuses may be taken.

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