When the media goes too far

by Simon 5 Replies latest social current

  • Simon

    I have read what happend in the Russian school hostage and it is heatbreaking.

    I don't need to see pictures of the terrified kids before they died.

    For Christ's sake, can somoene, somewhere not say "enough" and "so [edit] what if people have some morbid appetite for news, we don't need to feed it".


  • kls

    Simon, Simon ( edit) that's not what you said i saw it.

    Simon i am with you i really do not need to see the suffering of these kids to get the impact.

  • bikerchic

    Simon I'm with you on this. It's so sad to see the children and their grieving families. I turn it off it makes me so sad and I feel totally helpless.


  • ohiocowboy

    The media definately goes too far in showing pain and suffering. It seems that when there is a disaster, the media fights to see who can get the most graphic and goriest details. I also hate how they insist on showing it over and over. It seems to take away the dignity of the people involved who died or were hurt. Yes, it is news, but they should be a little more compassionate, rather than try to up their ratings.

  • kls

    You know what really gets me is the media will not show a person that is under age for a crime but they have no problem showing suffering.

  • Netty

    I know Simon, I sat there with tears rolling down my face when my husband was watching this on the news. They showed childrens shoes, blood on items like pipes or wood, I dont know, why? Why do they have to show us all this disturbing graphic detail? We get the horrible point already. Guess its about getting the scoop, beating out the competition.

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