is the world mostly evil?

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  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    JWs and others get their energy from a perception that the world is mostly evil and needs to be wiped out and started over.

    I read a book long ago which put forth the following propostion:

    the news is mostly bad because the world is mostly good.

    consider, news being the unusual, the out of the ordinary... the book went on to say if the news were mostly good

    we were really screwed....but as long as serial killers, wars, murders, and most forms of violence were shocking, it meant that the world was basically good.

    overlooked in the yearly murder stats is that less than 1% commit murders... seeing that 99% are bascially average janes and joes going about their lives trying to eek out a living for their families is not very news worthy, but signficant. no?

  • kls

    Zen you are so right . If there was no bad news there would be no need for those constant news programs, who want's to hear good all day long that would not bring in the ratings that the news media needs. There is more good then bad but Dooms DAY cults have to feed on the evil for their cults to recruit and survive.

  • blondie

    Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.
    Anne Frank

  • Simon

    Evil wins only when normal people allow it and stand by while it happens.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Blondie!! I picked the same quote as you to share. I was raised in a terribly paranoid home, where everyone was out to rob me, beat me up, rape me, kill me. I have learned that despite everything most people ARE good at heart. And I cant even begin to tell how completely beautiful this world and the people in it are. Yes evil exists. Yes people can be evil, or misguided. But I strongly believe that most people have a natural instinct to do good. Call me dumb and happy, call me overly naive. I can not let myself focus on the evils that do exist in the world. Instead I focus on the good and tend to see mostly that.

  • Satanus

    You may be right. Now, apply this principle to the wt. Internally, they get nothing but good news about how their work is growing, techniques improving, light getting brighter, etc, etc. That means their little world is screwed, heh heh. I think it was the same in the former soviet union. The state controled the propaganda news. But, a lot of people knew that it was horse****, though the russian people were patient to a pathology, expecting that maybe, just maybe the propaganda promises would come true just around the corner. As we know, the soviet union collapsed, was screwed as you say.


  • jgnat

    The most positive people I have ever met have experienced deep pain. Some of them have stared evil down. It is like, having seen the worst, there is a determination never to let the dark side over again.

    I see growth, laughter, children.

    I see friends, love, kindness.

    Not one whit of goodness is gleaned by looking for the bad. If the world would to end, it is not hurried along by the naysayers. I say, let them huddle in their basements with their bottled water and their canned spam. When I go I will be strolling in the sunshine drinking a Pepsi.

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