People Come and Go

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  • Paradise Found
    Paradise Found

    People Come and Go. And Leave There Stains and Cigarette Buts crampled on the Floor. And as they do.....Remeber ME. (Brian Eno)

    I think this board shares the dissilushiment but also the hopes of many broken-hearts.

    I think that only after leaving the Witnesses can a person feal a personal After-Pain.

    It has saddened me that many posters of 1000 + have left this board.

    Because what they have said needed telling,needed to be said.

    I think I will leave this board now because life is a journey .

    But Iam grateful for the sincere heart-breaking posts from, courageouse people that have touched my life with the injustice that exists in trusting in an Organisation.

    I think for me the trick is to close the book and read no more. To find myself.

  • MerryMagdalene

    Sorry I never got to know you here. Farewell on your continuing journey...

  • FlyingHighNow

    PF, thank you for telling us farewell. I hope you much peace and even more contentment.


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