Now THAT'S how to spread the "good news"!!

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  • Dawn

    A few weeks ago my boss sent all of us employees to a day long motivational seminar. The seminar itself was terrific - lots of great speakers including Goldie Hawn, Rudolph Guiliani, Zig Ziegler, and Jerry Lewis. I learned a lot of stuff about the real estate market, the stock market, investing, etc.

    Ok - now on to my point of this post. The man who puts these seminars on is a professional motivational speaker. In the middle of his speech he makes the comment that he gives the credit for getting to this point in his life to being a Christian. Then he proceeds to say something to the effect that he wants to talk a bit about his God, but respects that people have differing faiths and opinions so feel free to step out for the next 20 minutes if you weren't interested in that part. I looked around and was suprised to see only a handful of people (20 tops) that left - there were over 5,000 people there! Then he goes on to give basically a 20 minute sermon about how he found his Lord and what it meant to him in his life.

    I sat there giggling to myself as I was sitting in the same Coliseum that is used for JW's during conventions. And thinking of how they spend hours going door-to-door to "spread the good news", reaching only a few householders at a time during the week. And here is this guy who managed to bring over 5,000 people to HIM and then "spread the good news" - all while charging $200 per ticket to do it.

    So - who do you suppose has the better gig worked out there?

  • kls

    That sounds really neat with all the Celebs there but the part that i really think was great was that he did not try to force anyone to stay that did not want to hear it . He gave any that chose to leave the option now try that at an assembly.

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