Will there be an outpouring of spirit by JW's forHurricanc Francis victims?

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  • Atilla

    I do remember in time's past after a major Hurricance, that our KH would send disaster relief and I remember hearing stories about how JW's would completely rebuild fellow dubs' houses and then even help rebuild supposeldly worldly people's houses. However, I never saw any photos and I never talked to a JW that actually took part in helping rebuild. Back then, I guess I thought it was really amazing and of course all true that we actually rebuilt entire neighborhoods.

    So, now I'm wondering how much of it is true? Does the society still direct large scale humanitarian projects for say like the brothers and sisters in Florida or is it a much smaller scale than we are led to believe. I say this because I was watching the local news and they were interviewing several churches who had the whole humanitarian effort well organized. By Sunday morning, they were already on the road with many volunteers, an entire soup kitchen on wheels, and ready to help anyone, not just their own church members.

    So, how does the WT compare to other denominations and charity groups when it comes to humanitarian aid?

  • blondie

    The thing with the WTS is that they only help JWs (or spouses of JWs). The houses are remodeled per the directions/plans provided by the Regional Building Commitee...if your house is rebuilt, don't expect the house you had before.

    Some from this area that went down to Texas reported that the "friends" who had remodeling or rebuilding done were encouraged to sign over their insurance checks to the WTS.

    If you have insurance, it is better to just have your house rebuilt by a good contractor using good materials without using the cutrate carpet and other materials the RBC will use.


  • Atilla

    Does this mean that the WT could make money or atleast break even in "helping" dubs rebuild their houses? If so, I find that very sad. I guess I never did think about what kind of houses they were rebuilding, I guess assuming that your house was rebuilt to original standards. I learn more and more everyday.

  • Valis


    This is kind of cheesy and I'm not even sure I believe it all.

    And how much you wanna bet it aint gonna happen this time?


    District Overbeer

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