A Display of WT and Awake at a Garage Sale?? Gag!

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  • Wild_Thing

    My JW mother had a garage sale this past weekend and asked to borrow my folding tables. She lives with some other old JW self-righteous, too-nosy-for-her-own-good lady and they were having it together. I lent her the tables and asked if she could put some of my things in the Garage Sale that didn't sell last time ... she agreed.

    I go over there Saturday morning, and her room mate had a display of Watchtowers and Awakes right in the midst of the items they were selling! (On one of MY tables too! ) It made me wonder if she was counting her time! At any rate, I have never seen anything tackier! I wonder how many people left when they saw them!

    Later, my mom (reminder ... she is a devout JW) told me that she had no idea her room mate was going to set them out and told me she thought it was tacky because they weren't out in service. (Sometimes her out-of-the-blue common sense scares me!) Then she said, "I wonder if she noticed that she set them on a table right next to your Christmas items I set out to sell." LOL! I have never laughed harder! She said she probably didn't because she never notices anything, but I have a hard time believing that!

  • blondie

    She probably plans on counting her time while she has the garage sale.

    I knew someone who put a magazine in their car rear window and counted the time to and from.


  • Odrade

    LMAO!!! Oh my gawd... my mom used to have garage sales all the time, and she always set some literature out on the cashier table. I don't think she counted time unless she actually preached someone up, but ROTFLMAO!


  • dmouse

    We have something in the UK called 'car boot' sales. Similer to a garage sale but on a huge scale; hundreds of people bring all their junk to sell in one place, usually a farmer's field somewhere.

    I too was shocked to see a stall set out with all the literature on it.


  • blondie

    dmouse, what you are describing is similar to a "flea market" in the US. Otherwise, it is suspicious to buy anything out of a car trunk in the US...


  • RunningMan

    Well, let's see. Normally, at a garage sale, you try to get rid of useless old stuff that you don't want anymore. That sounds about right for the WT and AW. Coincidentally, I was at a garage sale on the weekend, and saw a copy of one of the Society's old books from the 70s or 80s. My son and I had a good laugh. I think they wanted 50 cents for it.

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