Watchtower VS Radar

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  • little witch
    little witch

    The watchtower as an icon seems to have been used by the wtbts as a tower to watch for the second coming of christ. To watch for the things mentioned as precursors of the arrival. Over the years that has changed.

    Watchtowers were used in days of old, as military devices. Watchtowers were manned by a few people to send a warning when land invaders were spotted. We are talking armies of men here, not spirits, not god, not jesus.

    Over the years, the watchtower has become an ivory tower. The men who man the lookout have set themselves so high up, that they cannot hear the voices of misery and distress amoungst those held within the gates of the city. That in itself has made the watchtower obsolete.

    There is also a failure to grow and change. Modern technology and changing views continue to chip away at a relic. "enemies" are coming by air, by ground, and from within the city gates. All the while, the few in the watchtower continue to command and order. Here is my message to the few men in the watchtower.

    You are obsolete. You are lame. You are ineffective. You have alerted falsely so many times that your voice is a background noise. Your tower is crumbling, you are not protected. You are derilict in your duties. There are better ways.

    For those who love God, and those that need his protection, you have failed. You seek to destroy the people that you originally claimed to protect. You are fighting to keep God at bay, not human enemies.

    If you want to be control freaks, and search not for danger, but for "blips" of human troubles, you should switch to radar. That should help you do your self proffessed jobs better.

    Your foes are not coming over the hills, they are within your camp. Your citezens are pissed and are ripe for revolt. Russia is not your enemy, neither are armies from without. Rather, they are your own subjects. Humble does not win family members. Humble and meek does not win wars.

    Your watchtower is short sighted, and inept. You cannot win this war.

  • DaCheech

    Great poem!

    Wish they would read this, and pray on the subject

  • lawrence

    We'll see who introduces/implements microchip technology first - the Beast or the WTS. I'm betting on the WTS, that way they can track field circus in real time, as well as the goings and comings of the "Flock."

  • little witch
    little witch

    Lawrence, you are right! Most likely the watchtower will use technology for their own they do now with the internet.

    If you look for internet media news, 99% of it derives its source from the watchtower site. Sad but true. It is controlled media that is repeated ad-nauseum by news adgencies around the world.

    Check sources, check the root of where your news comes from. It is re-cycled garbage straight from the wtbts most usually.

    Thank heavens that there are other sites that are more balanced, and not controlled by the watchtower (this is one).

  • ezekiel3

    Very appropriate comparison. I'm wondering what you would liken radar to?

  • little witch
    little witch


    I liken the watchtower to radar. They seem to be looking for any and all blips on the screen. They still use the watchtower as an icon, but that icon is obsolete. They should rename their magazine (and thus the name of control) to radar.

    Radar would better be the name of what they do. As I said, they are not looking for christ or for outside enemies solely, but for any blip that catches their attention. Their enemies are not outside sources (such as a wathtower would be used for), Their enemies are mainly the citezens below. The have set themselves up to high to see it.

  • lawrence

    My friend in Brooklyn sent me photocopies of purchase orders for a dozen blipometers being puchased for testing at Monday's Watchtower "family meetings." The screen is plasma, not blood mind you, and the blips play Kingdom songs when they get excited by apostate mutterings. Just imagine, 8 grand a piece - they're supposedly radiation free - they work via Ethernet.

  • shotgun


    Ya know I was expecting you to launch flamin arrows from the Tower..oh well

    Your right about the false cries. Just like the old tale of the boy who cried wolf, no one listens anymore. Not even the rank and file. It's pretty hard not to notice that they are going about they're daily lives and don't get to excited by world events anymore, they still make a few remarks but their actions betray what they really think.

  • minimus

    Little Witch, where have you been? I was reading a few old posts and noticed you haven't been around much. I hope all is well!!!

  • DaCheech

    I remember some religion/cult leaving pamphlets stating that the number of the beast "666"

    was upc bar codes

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