Just loaded the 2003 Watchtower CD rom......

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  • jimbob

    Actually, I loaded it for my mother. I had to do a little work on her computer today and she had just gotten the cd and asked me to load it for her. What was interesting was the dialog box agreement that the user had to agree to in order to load it. I copied and pasted it in an email that I sent to myself. Below is the agreement exactly how it appears. Notice the highlighted parts....

    Dear Brothers:

    We are happy to provide for Jehovah's Witnesses a new version of Watchtower Library. Please read the following six points about proper use of Watchtower Library and answers to questions that you may have. The License Agreement, which will be presented later during the actual installation, sets out in legal language a license covering copyright protection. If you accept the license and thus will use this electronic tool in your Bible research, indicate your agreement after reading it.


    1. What constitutes proper use?

    Watchtower Library has been designed for your personal use. Hence, you may copy, print, or excerpt from the data for your personal use. But you may not distribute the program or large sections of the data to others who do not own Watchtower Library on CD-ROM. Nor may you copy, print, or excerpt from the copyrighted data to prepare and distribute books. Please do not put the program or data on the Internet or any public network.

    2. Who may have a copy of Watchtower Library?

    Watchtower Library is a research tool for Jehovah's Witnesses, not for the public or for institutions such as schools or libraries.

    3. May I copy the program and data onto my hard disk and then not use the CD-ROM?

    Yes, that is possible with this version. Less disk space is involved when you access the data from the CD-ROM itself; however, the speed of some operations is significantly improved if the data is stored on the hard disk.

    4. If I personally own several computers, may I copy Watchtower Library 2001 and/or its data onto these?


    5. May I make a duplicate of my CD-ROM as a backup in case I lose or damage my original?

    Yes, but this does not refer to duplicating the CD-ROM for others, which would fall outside the realm of personal use.

    6. May I write commercial software or utilities that employ the program or data from Watchtower Library?

    No. It is not proper to charge for or to receive money from writing or distributing any software that employs the Watchtower Library program, utilities, or data.

    I thought that was interesting in that nobody but JW's should own a copy. Not even libraries. Wouldn't you think that they would want everyone to have a copy so the public can access all Watchtower and Awakes and other publications so they can come to know Jehovah?? Gee, I guess if the public got a hold of it, they might see through all the Watchtower bs. I guess the only way the public can get access is by having a JW drone come to your door and give them to you..

  • MerryMagdalene

    That is pretty interesting! Thanks for sharing. Will they ever cease to amaze me?

  • minimus

    and what happens if this did go on the internet??

  • jimbob

    I think most of the classic JW thinking found in the older publications are already on the internet. I'm sure they are just trying to scare the dubbies and make sure nothing else leaks out. They're pretty cautious these days cause they know how powerful the internet is...remember, it's a tool of the DEVIL!!

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