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  • RR

    Back in the old days, one could go down to 360 Furman Street and pick up WT literature, at a price. Then when it went to "donation" basis, you could still pick up literature, but you were limited. I remember picking up the CD Rom at the "book store".

    Now the 360 Furman Street building is gone, sold to the highest bidder. Where do you go now for literature? Gotta go to the local Kingdom Hall if you want anything. But even they are not willing to give you what you want. The best they'll do is a few magazines. A friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn tells me even bethelites have a hard time getting the books, as the Society is limiting them also.

    I was told if you went to bethel or even attempted to pick up new releases at the Convention, you needed to have a current blood card, as that was the sure fire I.D. to prove "JWDom."

    There are plans of having a bookstore in the 25 Columbia Heights building, but that will ONLY be for Bethelites, since the public is not allowed to wander around in there.

    My friend is upset because he can't get anything but mags, and his Bethelite friends can't get him anything, because even they have a hard time getting things.

    Personally, I think this is illegal. The Society is a publishing house, publishing literature by the millions. They claim their literature is "FREE" and will taqke donations to defray the cost, that is understandable, many non-profit groups do that. Some, like "Focus on the Family" suggest a donation price, that's not illegal.

    The Society makes all these claims, and yet denies the public access to this literature. If I'm not mistaken they could lose their non-profit status for doing such a thing. Somebody whould contact ARnold Diaz on CBS's "Shame on you" program and report them.


  • Farkel

    : I was told if you went to bethel or even attempted to pick up new releases at the Convention, you needed to have a current blood card, as that was the sure fire I.D. to prove "JWDom."

    That is illegal, and they know it. Any literature that they offer to the public in door-to-door work must be made available to the public at a counter if it is still in stock.

    When you have a religious group which out-in-the-open offers millions and millions of pieces of literature door-to-door and who refuses to later offer that same literature at a counter, the words "CONTROLLING PARANOID CULT" immediately comes to mind.


  • RR

    So the question is, how does one go about exposing such illegal activites, and is anyone in the media willing to touch this one?


  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    If it really does violate their non-profit status (and I'm no attorney so some real research would have to be done) the Internal Revenue Service would be the best organization to contact. They love to audit religous groups who "cross the line." And, of course, I'm sure there's quite a few of us here who would love to see the IRS audit the WT Society one more time...lol

  • Euphemism

    With all due respect to Farkel and RR, I am not aware of any legal provision that this violates.

    A group that distributes literature can do so in any manner it wishes: from door-to-door, from a central distribution point, via the Internet, whatever.

  • blondie

    Just get some non-JW to pretend to be a good RV and get the publications that way.

  • ezekiel3

    To clarify about the convention releases:

    There is no requirement to present a Blood Card at this time. They are looking for a delegate badge though...

  • RR

    Euphemism , the fact is that the Society is a publishing house, a non-profit organization. Their sole purpose is to distribute literature FREE of charge to anyone who ask of it. Their not doing this. Their picking and choosing who cannot receive literature.


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