"It's just a matter of patience..."

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  • Blueblades

    The news concerning Hurricane Frances has affected all of us who have relatives and friends in Fla.

    AOL. Posted a news comment from a Pastor that I thought was the typical response from religious leaders who don't have anything better to offer their flock. Here is the quote:

    "It's a matter of patience", said Bishop G. A. White, 77, Pastor of the Fort Pierce Church of the Living God.

    "Wait on the Lord, and wait on the weather". End of quote.

    Meanwhile, Hurricane Ivan formed Sunday in the central Atlantic, the fifth hurricane of the season was about 2,600 miles - southeast of Miami with wind of 75 mph.

    What are your thoughts about the Bishop's quote to news reporters. Especially if you are personally affected by these acts of nature.


  • BrendaCloutier

    When I hear the word "patience" I think of a Far Side cartoon with a man crawling on hands and knees in the dessert and two buzzards are perched in a cactus, and one sez to the other

    "Patience my ass!"

    Unfortunately, the pastor's right, though what the "lord" has to do with it... Frances will do whatever he/she does, and it will be over when "the fat lady sings". A person can either accept that, or not, but there is no control over "the lord, or the weather".



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