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    First post today as follows:

    Lil OLadyRe: How many were raised as a JW during their teenage years?
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    I am 70+ years old and very much appreciate reading the comments of those raised as a JW. Did not realize so many of us had the same post JW problems to overcome. As I was going door-to-door by age seven, that even today I feel anxious about ringing a doorbell not ever knowing what the reaction of the householder might be. Still have a peculiar feeling in my stomach during a patriotic ceremony as it was wartime when I was in grade school and flag salute and singing the anthem was prohibited for JWs. (Although the teachers and principals were decent, intelligent and respectful.)

    What I have discovered about myself is that today I do not feel comfortable in any group today that wants loyality without scrutiny or questions; that demands more of me than they render.

    One little problem persists as I never learned to gift wrap packages well, but I am still working on it and getting better.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences and, believe me, you are all the wiser and more thoughtful and have used the past as a learning tool.

    It's so good to have you here! Welcome aboard.
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    hi, and welcome to jwd


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    Hi there lil ol'lady

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    Welcome Lil Olady

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    Welcome!!! I will be 68 in November, assuming I live a couple of more months, so it's always nice to see someone in my age group posting on ex JW boards. There is a wealth of knowledge here and on other boards so dive in and learn. Best wishes, Bug

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    Welcome Lil Olady to the forum. You will learn to gift wrap just use a ton of Scotch-Tape.

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    A warm, warm welcome to Lil Ol' Lady. Keep on posting! I'd love to hear more from you.

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    Welcome! Glad you are here.

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    Welcome Lil OLady

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