Anybody remember the Tree of Life board game?

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  • pennycandy

    I'm sure it was probably from Stoops. Sort of like a Trivial Pursuit of WT doctrine. Guess this Bible character from these clues to advance your little man, or maybe it was to collect fruits of the spirit on the big tree on the board, hard to remember.

    Whew, those were some wild Friday nights! Good times . . .

  • FlyingHighNow

    Happy Bday, Penny. I recall seeing the game in the Stoops catalogues, never played it though.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    I vaguely remember the game pennycandy. I enjoyed some of the games from Stoops; always did enjoy a good Bible question game in a fun group.

    But then I love Trivial Pursuit too!

    Happy Birthday, Pennycandy! Hope you had fun!

  • pennycandy

    Thanks for the well-wishes. I always have fun now!

  • blondie

    TREE OF KNOWLEDGE - A NEW REVISED EDITION. Contains questions covering the Bible and other history in Bible times as well as general knowledge of the world around us. By answering question correctly, you move around the tree-shaped board. Collect the required number of Fruit of the Spirit cards to win! The Charades category really brings the game to life. Players can choose to enact the scene or description in order to continue their turn. It makes the events portrayed in the Bible more real!...... Item #TOK.......$24.95

    I remember the Tree of Life game. Now they have the Tree of Knowledge as well as other games.

    I remember these games too that some still play in the car while in field service...until I had guessed the first 3 cards then they got put away...yay!

    BIBLE FLASH CARDS - Bible Scripture Flash Cards are a memory aid. On one side of the card look at the quoted scripture and try to remember where is is found in the Bible. Then flip the the other side and see if you remember correctly. If not, put that card on a separate pile and go over them again until you can identify all the scriptures, either by looking at the wording or at the citation on the reverse side of the card. Credit may be given if you remember the substance of main part of the text but not neccssarily the entire wording. This game can be enjoyed alone or with other players. You can devise your own non-competitive rules and scoring procedure for fun and learning. Selected Scriptures from old and new Testaments, New World Translation. (256 cards) Item #FC-B .....$6.95

    BIBLE CHARACTERS AND CREATURES CARD SET - This set includes a card for each of over 100 Bible characters. Each card gives seven clues about the character whose name appears at the top. Additional cards relate to creatures and their significance or meaning. Used as a game, these cards can provide fun and learning for friends of all ages. Promotes family togetherness. Kids love this game while traveling. Suggestions for using the cards included, or you can devise you own rules and game procedure. Item #BCC..................$6.95

    NAME THAT SCRIPTURE - Bible Game: - Have fun in groups guessing the location of fimiliar and not-so-familiar Scriptures. Players are divided into two teams, each with a team leader, with one person acting am M.C. to officiate and keep score. Contains 200 numbered Sctipture cards, each with a key Scripture. Any number of players. No competitive pressure. Fun for all ages. The more you play the better you can remember Scriptures and where they are found.....Item #BC-NTS..$10.98

    But how about this to judge others...

    PERSONALITY PROFILES - Game box size approx 13 x 10 1 1/2 inches. It has been said that love is appreciating you friends' varied qualities, tolerating and overlooking their small shortcomings, A doctor once said that he had never had a patient who came to him for treatment for depression which had been caused by too much commendation. Personality Profiles Game provides a light hearted fun way to feel good about ourselves--while trying to improve--and appreciate and look for the good in others we choose to associate with. We are all very different, each possessing important personality charateristics. This game seems to help minimize our all-too obvious imperfections and instead, focus on friends and acquaintances in positive, up-building game setting. Contains 864 playing cards. Highlights 141 positive personality traits and qualities ........................... Item #PPG....................$19.95 ea.

  • Mulan

    Yes.............we had it. Not a good game as I recall. We were disappointed in it.

  • CoonDawg

    I recall it as a lame attempt at combining Trivial pursuit (fundamentalist christian zealot edition), Monopoly, and Candyland.

    Some lame bastard would always haul the thing out at gatherings so that people could try to pick up other singles by wowing them with their apparent biblical knowledge. My brother and I would chuck the board, etc. and just quiz on the question cards. Of course we also did the same with Trivial Pursuit. Actually, I ended up on our school's "Quiz Bowl" team. Hey, we took second at the state championships.


  • Markfromcali

    Heh, I can imagine some unsuspecting soul thinking it has something to do with the Kabbalah and then seeing it going "... what is this crap?"

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