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  • Mulan

    This week I started having all kinds of computer problems just out of the blue. I uninstalled the "really cool bionicle (or something like that) wallpaper" my 7 year old grandson installed a few months ago, and that cured the noise the computer was making............kind of a hissing sound. I also ran the spy detector and found a few things to delete, but it didn't help.

    1. The memory was low and I could only have two things open or it would freeze up and tell me there was not enough memory to perform some of the functions.
    2. I was getting web pages popping up without notice...............not pop ups, whole web sites. THAT was REALLY irritating.
    3. I was getting tons of junk email.

    I was so frustrated, and finally remembered a neat feature that I have on the computer, and my last one too. I had forgotten about them.

    So yesterday, I ran the program to restore the computer to a date a month ago. Now everything is working just great!!

    Just a tip if anyone else is having a similar problem. Check your computer for that feature and try it.

    You will not lose your work, only things that have been installed during the time since after the restore date.

  • safe4kids

    Thanks for the info, Mulan. My son was having major problems on his computer last month and found that restore thingee...now it works great!

    Hope you're doing well....


  • Elsewhere

    Thanks for pointing this out! The Windows XP Restore is a GREAT tool... and a life saver!

  • myelaine


    It's funny you should mention this, I am using my boyfriend's computer and I have been having trouble(8 out of 10 times when I come to this forum) I lose my internet link.

    My boyfriend uses the computer a lot and goes all over the place, I don't(rookie), he has not problems anywhere. I can get on the forum and sometimes within 4 minutes there is a problem. either freezing up or disconnection. My boyfriend can't figure it out, he has no problem.


  • Princess

    Uh oh, Rhys is going to be upset that you uninstalled all his Bionicle stuff! Naw, he understands. I always have to go and uninstall crap from his computer now that he has web access.

    His computer curser is the Atari Asteroids ship. Every once in awhile it just goes off and starts shooting while Steve and I are watching TV in the evenings. Oh, and he keeps the volume turned FULL BLAST. Needless to say, we shut his computer down when he goes to bed now.

  • Mulan
    Oh, and he keeps the volume turned FULL BLAST

    I noticed that too. After he's been here, I have to go back and fix the volume. Toooooo loud.

    I didn't take off all the stuff, just that wallpaper.

  • Been there
    Been there

    I was having the same problem the last week and a half. I finally got tired of it all and restored. You are right, it is wonderful. I found that I will explore things alittle more because of it. If I mess anything up I can just make it go back.

  • OICU8it2

    I have an embarrasing web site try to pop up. My firewall blocks it but the taskbar shows its name at the bottom which contains a bad word. Probably a site I visited when I first got the computer and went crazy. I'm not crazy now, just borderline.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk


    if you are having any virus or computer problems, download Spybot search and destroy, the best program available.

    DO NOT waste money on virus protection programs that are outdated quickly.

    Spybot for me has been a god send, fixed ALL problems on my computer, like having a new computer (i was ready to chuck it and buy a new one)

    The program is FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and updated regularly, this guy really knows what he is doing.

    TRUST ME and try it, you will not be disappointed.


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