CRAZY MEDS. ORG. Great site for those of us on meds

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  • wednesday

    this has got to be the best site I have had occasion to look at. Not written by doctors, but by patients themselves. It covers most all the meds that are being taken for depression, bipolar, schiz, etc. also, ADD and seizure drugs. The 2 people who own this site have put enormous work into it and their are mucho links and it is a very credible site. I hightly recomend it. Be sure and read a bit of what the author says , it's quite amusing and lightens up a serious subject. They are not trying to prescribe, and don't pretend to be your psychiatrist. It it a definite book marker.


  • kls

    Thanks Wednesday i will check it out.

  • shamus

    Very very interesting link, Wednesday. Thanks so much for posting it! When I have some time I'll read up on it.

  • wednesday

    u guys are so welcome. i found this site while i was looking up a med i take. I just started reading what the owner of the site writes for the med (he is bipolar, has autism, and has seizures), so he and his girlfriend, Mouse, have tried just about everything. I even gave the site to my doc and now he is giviing it out for a support site to explain side effects, what to expect and all kinds of stuff.

    pass it on. I love the guys humor. I guess if u gotta take meds, u might as well look at the bright side. I know it is awful, but most diseases are.

    best to all my fellow suffers.


  • jgnat

    That site IS very neat, Wednesday. I joke around like that, having lots of mental illness in the family. Like my sister says, normalcy is a relative thing.

  • wednesday
  • BrendaCloutier

    Thanx for the site!

    normalcy is a relative thing

    It's also only a setting on a washing machine....

  • avishai

    Thank you!

  • Sunnygal41
    It's also only a setting on a washing machine....

    [email protected] Brenda! That's sooooo true!

    Wednesday, thank you for the site. I bookmarked it for further reading. I have taken medication for twentyfive years for depression, and have many many friends who take it. I am not ashamed of it, never have been. But, I have been totally enraged at the experience I first had while in the Borg. when I first started dealing with it, during the late 70's early 80's there was a real caveman mentality about depression, as some of you may remember. I went the whole gamut with the "spiritual" shepherds in the cong. and my husband, all circumstances were considered and explored...........then, ten years into white knuckling it, my sister called me one day, and said "enough is enough. To hell with what your husband or the elders say, get some medical help for this!" And I did. My trip back to sanity began, and it continues today, or rather I've found the pathway, and don't stray off it very often anymore. Things have changed so much since then, it's hard to believe there ever was a stigma attached.


  • morty

    what a cool site wednesday...

    I have not be able to read all just yet,but have saved it for Ron..Thats later on...

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