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  • JH

    Pick 2 posters that you find are very alike.


    JH starts many threads and asks many questions

    Minimus starts many threads and asks many questions...

    OK, your turn, pick a pair of posters that have alot in commun.

  • Snapdragon

    I'll bite:

    Okay, Obviously Secret and Need for Speed. Two of my favorite little guys around. They're both very smart and out going for their young ages (16 and 13 respectively) and I feel this very sisterly protectiveness for them. I adore them both.

    Speaking of.....has anyone seen OS lately?? I haven't seen the twerp for quite some time. He used to always greet me in chat at noon or so. School, I hope?


  • Snapdragon

    Hey, I just made my first status jump. Cool. About damn time!

    ~Snap of the junior class. he he

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Farkel and FredHall - both of them employ the Krebs cycle as a source of biologic energy.

  • Terry

    NATHAN NATAS: Farkel and FredHall - both of them employ the Krebs cycle as a source of biologic energy. COMMENT: Actually Farkel was cured of the Krebs and there is no truth to the rumor he got it from a dirty cycle seat.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    ROTFLMFAO @ Terry (and Farkel w/ Krebs)!

  • dh

    jv's name is like jh's name and i confuse who is who because the names are so similar.

    i think xena and sunnygal are both mischevious, though i have nothing to base it on.

    cb and kls are both cool

    stink & stefanie

    farkel & minimus

    simon and yeru (friends forever)

    fmz & coldredrain, because they are both milf hunters

    seeitallclearlynow & seattleniceguy - the names look similar on the screen and i sometimes confuse them.

  • StinkyPantz
    stink & stefanie

    Agreed! Two sexy bitches!

    My choice: Hillary_Step & Terry- Verbose geniuses with weird senses of humor..

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