JW Funeral in Israel has prayer said by Jewish son?!

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    Last update - 08:15 03/09/2004

    Dozens attend terror victims' funeral

    By Haaretz Staff
    Dozens of friends and fellow members of the local Jehovah's Witness community yesterday attended the funeral of Vitaly Brodsky and Narkiza Ostrogorsky, who were killed in Tuesday's suicide bombings in Be'er Sheva.
    The double burial took place at the Menucha Nechona cemetery for nontraditional burials in Be'er Sheva.

    The ceremony followed Jehovah's Witness rites, but Brodsky's son, who is Jewish, also recited kaddish, the traditional Jewish mourner's prayer.
    The couple met in Israel and had lived together for four years. Ostrogorsky is survived by two daughters and Brodsky by his mother and two sons.

    Meanwhile, the name of the 16th victim of the double bus bombings was released yesterday. Raisa Forer, 55, of Be'er Sheva, was described yesterday by her neighbors as a devoted worker and a happy woman.

    "She was a good woman and always spoke to everyone; she was full of smiles and joie de vivre," Dora Dayan said yesterday of her neighbor and good friend, Raisa, who was on her way home from seeing her son, Leonid, off at the airport when she was killed in the bus bombing.

    Raisa lived alone with her beloved dog and worked with the elderly.


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    that is interesting, but it's israel after all, if the UN can't make them do as they say, i doubt the WTBS will be able to either. i wonder if anyone was stumbled.

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