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  • need for speed
    need for speed

    You will never know what a jw will do to get you to a meeting. I have been having trouble with my mom ever since I left the jw's. She has tried everything to get me to the meetings,Blackmail,bribes,peer presure.She has gotten my good jw friends to ask and encourage me to go. She has always asked loudly in front of a big group of jw's if i would go. She has offered me many things I would get them after the meeting. I have fought not to go for 2 years and suffered in the cult for 12 Years. I have never thought my mother would kick me out of the house at such a young age just because I did not go to meetings. luckily I had a loving father who now live with. But I still go to my moms and she try's to get me to meetings.This time she trapped me

    I was suppose to have a relaxing time up north with my mom so I packed and went up now I had never expected that right wen I got up there she told me I had to go to the meeting on Thursday. Now this was a shock I have to go to a meeting I mean I am not a jw anymore and I'm even on vacation and now I have to go to the meetings. Ya right, I told her I refused but she new my dad could not come to pick me up my brothers are too buisy so what am I suppose to do to get out of this. I had no way out so I tried my favorite trick to get out of school for a day Fake sick. It did work but now i am told I have to go all the way back home to go to the doctors my vacation ruined and I'm not sick what will the doctor say. to my suprise there was a clinic in a small town near by. and to my luck I got sick for real by the next day. So I got out of that fine but what will i do if she try's to trap me again?

    Need for speed

  • Nosferatu

    At your age, you're going to have a much more difficult time getting out of the meetings. Hell, I'm even finding it difficult to give you advice!

  • jgnat

    Perhaps the testimony of prison camp survivors will help. These people, who had all their dignity and personal rights stripped away, found that WHO THEY ARE could not be taken from them. I would suggest a new strategy, since you are still a dependent. Develop an internal self-talk ("They cannot change who I am.") If you must go to the meeting, go there in body only. Take along distracting activities, like a gameboy with the sound turned off. Sit somewhere else rather than with your mother. This can easily be arranged by going to the bathroom shortly before the service begins (thank God for JW punctuality), and sit wherever you want when you re-enter.

    If your mother tries to embarrass you publicly, resolve to be un-embarrassable ("They cannot change who I am. I am proud to be myself."). If she asks you to commit to something, loudly, respond to her in an equally loud voice, what you really feel. I bet she will stop.

  • jgnat

    Some other great Kingdom Hall games; B*S* Bingo. Make a list of common JW phrases like, "The Truth", "Worldly", "Christendom", "Brothers", "Food in due season". When you check all the phrases off on your list, jump up and yell "Bingo!". .....or grin to yourself and whisper Bingo!

    When you sing along with a Kingdom Melody, make up your own words as you go.

    Decorate the Watchtower pictures. Sometimes I get so sick of the message, I write what I really think in big-block letters with my highlighter. I dunno, it makes me feel a lot better to write what I really feel.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Pick your meeting carefully and be prepared with some really good answers that make JWs think. Blondie usually has some real rippers on the WT which would usually be the easiest meeting to target.

    Make sure you don't say anything that can't be backed scripturally, or from the WT. That way they can't criticise you without feeling like hypocrites.

    Have fun with it, treat it like a game. Your Mum will soon get sick of playing.

  • cyberguy

    I assume you're not baptised? Well, you might be stuck going to meetings for now. When you age a few more years then your mom will probably let you slide rather than fight with you. Of course, you can ask very pointed questions during, let's say, the book study, and watch the conductor grin (and cry) because he will not be able to answer very simple questions, hehe. You're mom might get a little tired of that and decide to leave you at home!

    Hang in there young man!

  • seattleniceguy

    I don't know if this is really that good a suggestion, but it kind of looks good on paper...

    When she tries to do something manipulative with others around, like asking loudly if you'll commit to going to a meeting or something, I'd just love to say,

    Your Jedi mind-tricks won't work with me!

    But she is your mom and you should try to respect her. I think jgnat had some good suggestions. Hang in there, kid.


  • mouthy

    I would tell her "Mum I dont really want to go! I am only going because you insist

    But I think I am going to ask Dad- to not let me see you any more if you keep making me go." Does the step Dad say anything?????

    Mother Ususally dont want that to happen!!!!!

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Can you sneak along something to read to pass the time away? Does she make you wear "meeting" clothes? Try not to pack any ties or dress shoes!

    See if you can get a stash of candy or snacks too, to pass the time away.

    After the meeting, tell them all how much you love Jesus, that he is your savior!! JW's really get uncomfortable talking about Jesus.

    No Apologies

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