Were there any colourful characters in your congregation?

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  • desib77

    Well, I don't know if this is what you mean by "colorful" but we did have this one guy in the congregation. He was always very strange. He was a single, older man that liked to "trap" the younger girls (I mean like 12 - 15 year olds) in a corner to talk to them. I always thought that was strange and if I had known then what I know now I would have been much more concerned about it. I even think the elders had a couple of talks with him about it.

    I say he was colorful because he was so different. He rode his bike everywhere. I had a part time job at a convenience store and the girls I worked with kept telling me about the "duck" man. They called him that because he would go into the store bathroom and when he would come out there would be water all over the place, floor, toilet, sink......it was as if he took a bath in there. Once I saw who it was I was so embarassed....I never admitted he went to "church" (the only term they would have understood) with me.

    So, yup....I say he was our colorful character.

  • mkr32208

    When you are surrounded by mentaly unstable cultist who have a massive superiority complex and work part time scrubbing toilets so they can have gods blessing how could you not have "colorful wack jobs"

    lets see-

    Jack Procha (sp) watkins glen ny- Neurotic in the extreme if you ever disagreed with him (he was an elder) he would get up and harang you DURING HIS NEXT PRAYER never mentioned names but would be very specific made everyone laugh "dear jehover please forgive the bighead young person in this hall who thinks we should mow the grass saterday morning dispite the fact that he KNOWS that it's a divine command in the bible to go out in service on saterday morning" He was so loopy! He once got so worked up during a sunday talk that he was swearing from the stage awesome!! I could go on for pages about jack what a freak!

    or Jerry Murihead he was so unbelievable cocky he thought he wrote the bible more than just read it

    most of the other elders were alright in that cong but there were plenty of weird pubs

    ted brisbois was certifiable he would change literaly from year to year as to being anointed one year he was the wasnt' then was then wasn't he would miss every single meeting for a year then come in and sign up to reg pioneer weird weird stuff

  • candidlynuts

    one older lady who always wanted to go out in service and the pioneers looked for every excuse not to pick her up..... she would go to the doors and tell people they were goats. she's still alive and kickin near ninety and still likes to call people goats.

  • Insomniac

    There was this one lady in Norfolk, VA who felt that she was of the annointed. I'm sure she's passed on by now, as she was about 90 years old back in 1980. She had difficulty making herself understood when she spoke, but when she'd talk to a householder at the door, she'd grab their shirtfront and hold them in place until she was finished talking, by God. This could take anywhere from 10 to thirty minutes, and if they tried to close the door on her, she'd yell at them.

    Most people were very nice to her, thankfully, because she was actually a really cool lady, if a bit eccentric.

  • minimus

    We had an old pioneer that never listened to the elders, went and did "territory" wherever he wanted to, when he had to take a leak and nature called, would pee right on the lawn or on the driveway, accused an elder of producing a "nigger baby" because he was sure that the elder was fooling around with a black sister, called "Jews" vile names, told people "Jesus would turn them into a pig" if they didn't listen to what he preached, asked everyone whether they agreed that "Satan the Devil was a bastard"......you get the idea.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Boots Casey.

    Red hair, red cowboy boots, rancher in the panhandle/oil country of West Texas. She was as strong as any man and built a Kingdom Hall nearly all by herself. Told my daughter: "Let old Boots put a bandaid on that scratch, a bandaid'll cure anything." Well, that bandaid sure cured the tears of a 3 year old girl. Boots had the biggest heart and the warmest, old crinkled smile. She would have made a great apostate. If she still lives she's over 110 years old now.


    PS: I forgot to say that Boots was already well into her old age when I knew her back in the early 1980s.

  • Terry

    1.Harry Robinson Sr.: retired insurance salesman who never went out into service, never gave a talk, never joined the ministry school. He stood outside the Kingdom Hall and handed out countless Wintergreen Lifesaver mints. His son was a handsome ne'er do well. Harry Sr. had about 100 brand new shirts and ties. He was sweet and harmless.

    2.Joe Tosti: Extremely vivacious Italian brother with the most wonderful comments and sense of humor who played the piano with great verve and gave outrageous "insights" during the Watchtower study.

    3.Gene Beard: Congregation Overseer (before elders) who murdered the English language. Chairs were "cheers" and every sentence ended with "also, too".

    4.George Farenkopf: lovely man with wavy hair and a genuine flair of debonair suavity who could not say a single sentence without removing his glasses. He would call on me "cold" during the bookstudy just to put me on the spot. I'd have to read ahead and pay attention for fear of being made a fool of!

    5.Wally Colter: Plumber and all round JW zealot. Very southern redneck and dumb like a fox.Big man who could bluff like a poker player. He started meetings with tapping on the microphone and saying "Brothers and sisters; let us commence to begin."
    I miss those people!!

  • MerryMagdalene

    When I was a kid there was this amazing man, an inventor and a genius, who lived in the local mental hospital because he couldn't handle the particulars of ordinary daily life very well and had problems with severe depression. My mother brought him to Sunday meetings a few times. During the WT study they called on him once, maybe twice, but couldn't handle his extremely intelligent, dead-on facts that disagreed with their pseudo-science and pseudo-logic, so they blushed, stammered, and refused to call on him again. He didn't like being ignored so he would stand up until they acknowledged him, or would just interject a comment freely, even during the public talk. I don't think he attended for very long. I don't know if that was his decision or if they told my mom not to bring him in again. I loved that guy.

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