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  • Sadie5

    I work Wed-Sunday, 4pm-9pm, so I went in yesterday and as expected the manager and assistant manager cornered me. They were not happy that I had called the District manager and told him about using sales clerks to unload trucks. And they said they weren't going to have me unload a truck.

    Then the manager asked if I could start working until 11pm and when I said no because I have to get home and take care of my mother, he said I will most likely be off the schedule to work at all The assistant manager kept saying I might be used in another department where I could keep my hours, but the manager kept saying don't be surprised if my name isn't on the schedule.

    Will have to see how this turns out.

    I feel at peace right now if this is the way Walmart is going to be. Their #1 rule is respect for the individual, but they don't practice it.


  • qwerty


    Untill transfering contact of empolyment to another company, my old employer had the same rules. They preached respect had to be shown by us to other employees, but their rule did not seem to apply to them.

    I am hoping the new employer lives up to their open door policy and all working as a team.

    If they sack you why don't you inform the district Manager?


  • Sadie5

    I have thought about it(call the district manager). but am feeling just tired of it all right now. I've read of experiences on the web from former employees of Wal-mart. they usually got rid of them in one way or another once they started complaining or not putting up with things.

    I don't want to work in a place where I have to worry if I'm one minute over my break time, or if a customer talked a few minutes too long to me.

    Most of the women are agreeing to the 11 pm schedule, but they are griping about it. They all have young children or other responsibilities and truly want to leave at 9pm. they just won't stick up for themselves. He couldn't hire enough people fast enough to replace a whole shift, but they are all afraid of losing their jobs and they give in.


  • Been there
    Been there


    That smells like retaliation to me. Are they short handed to begin with? then they cut your hours? Document everything that goes on. Didn't the higher ups say to let them know if there was any trouble for you? They are going to use the fact that you refused work to try and get you but being so close to the complaint it may backfire on them. Did you state from the start that you couldn't work any later?

    (I was wondering what to do with my special numbered post but I chose to use it for you, somebody had to get it.....Sorry)

  • JH

    That's whey there's such a thing as unionized workers.

  • blondie

    Document, document, document. In some states, it can be the difference between collecting unemployment and not collecting unemployment. I am wondering with the court case pending against Wal-Mart, why they would be doing this.

    Good luck, Sadie5.


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