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  • wednesday

    I just saw a youngish man on O'reilly named Bono. he said , i believe, he was from Ireland. He is a rock star of some sorts (i'm giving away how old i am) and now is using all his time and money to fight HIV in Africa. I was so impressed with his sincerity, with his values and ideals. When i see this kind of thing, i realize that God has not left us. he is using our fellow man to help us. At least it feels that way to me. I never really understood the entire crisis Africa faces before this man spoke tonight.I did not fully understand the nature of the problem they face. So never give up trying to restate an issue, or cause. sometimes it just takes the right person to make it "come through" I also see how wrong JWS really are, this man is seeking to do good, and respects others valuses at the same time. According to JWS, these people do not exist, people are just greedy and self serving.

    while this man was appearing with OReilly at the RNC, (not on the convention, in the press box, f he is no partisan, and there for one purpose to reach out and spread awarenss of this crisis situation.

    I do not know what this man performed or what group he was in, but if anyone knows, i would buy his stuff to support this cause..

  • blondie

    U2 a group from Ireland

  • wednesday

    thanks very much.

  • czarofmischief

    Do you seriously not know who Bono is? Is this some kind of prank?

    U2 is one of the BEST bands EVER and they put on one hell of an (expensive) show - my nosebleed tickets cost me 100 bucks the last time they came around and it was one of the best nights of my life.


  • bikerchic

    Bono rocks! U2 is one of my favorite groups, love them!

    I love the duet he did with Frank Sinatra, very awesome!


  • JeffT

    Bono is the one exception to my thoughts that celebrity's should stay out of politics. He is intelligent and has a good idea that has been thought through very carefully. It was a real pleasure listening to his conversation with O'Reilly.

    I thought the interview was also proof the O'Reilly isn't the boor many of his critics make him out to be. He can be respectful when his guests don't try to shout him down (he was very nice in an interview with Joan Jett during the DNC).

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