Serena and Venus make money on Ancient Egyptian religious ceremony

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  • DevonMcBride

    I found a web site about the history of tennis and was interested to learn that this game has Pagan roots among the Ancient Egyptians. Here is a snippet from the web site. Ball games can be traced back to ancient times and the earliest representations can be found in carvings in Egyptian temples dating from 1500BC. The Ancient Egyptians and the people that followed actually played ball games as part of their religious ceremonies. These traditions and the whole concept of the ball game spread into Europe in the 8th century, the influence spread by the Moors whose Empire reached into Southern France. As strange as it may seem, it was the meeting of this eastern culture with Christianity which eventually gave rise to tennis!

    Christian Monks became interested in the religious rites of the Moors and were the first Europeans to play the ball game that was to become tennis. The earliest version of the game was called 'La Soule' where players would hit a ball to each other using either their hands or a stick. The game became very popular in Monasteries all over Europe, so much so that the Church of the day even considered prohibiting the game!

  • Carmel

    I knew it! Satan is behind it. sure as hell

  • Satanus

    Too funny. From the jehovah hating, polythiestic egyptians, to the muslims, to babylon the great's monks, to the jws.


  • rocketman

    Two ways of looking at this:

    1. Yep, S & V Williams, Inc., are indeed making big bucks off a game with pagan roots.

    2. It shows the folly of jw stances against things with supposed pagan roots, and how the wts will simply pick and choose rather than condemn all things pagan. So much of what passes as normal activity is rooted in paganism to at least some degree that it would be far better to simply have never banned stuff like b-days in the first place.

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