What if the tables were turned

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  • Iforget

    How about if when a member continues to be a JW you shun them? Cut off all communication unless it's an emergency and if they do try and contact you berate them with guilt and fear of death. I suppose I already do that because I don't really see my parents all that often and when I do I keep it superficial. I hate to debate with the mind controlled.

  • Sassy

    that is kind of how it is with my mom. I know she doesn't feel right about associating with me, so I dont' seek her out for anything any more. I only let her know when I was supposed to have surgery, that was it... nothing more.

    I do it for me, as much as for her. It's just easier

  • unbeliever
    you berate them with guilt and fear of death

    I don't shun but if a dub won't leave me alone I have no problem getting on their case and asking how they can serve a god who is going to murder 99.9% of the world. Why would I want to serve a god like that? I would rather be dead than serve YOUR god. I once held up a picture of my nephew to my mother and asked her how she could serve a god who would murder her own grandson at armageddon. She freaked out and accused me of trying to turn her against jehovah.

  • littletree

    I have limited the association with my Witness relatives (my mom, grandmother, an aunt, an an uncle) because I know that somewhere in the conversation they will say something disparaging, about me not being an active Witness anymore. I basically made the choice before they did. My family is running on a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, as far as my lifestyle is concerned. I'f I were officially disfellowshipped, I know they'd cut me off all together, but I'm not yet. It's been one year to the exact day that I left, and I like the relative piece of mind that I have now. Too bad that their rules have forced me to sacrifice having a closer relationship with them.

  • Iforget

    Still...how would they feel if every conversation we berated their choices just like they do to us. Every time we saw them we made them feel like an outcast. Made them feel guilty.

    Oh that's right we aren't allowed to do that or have an opinion because they are right.

  • Sassy

    with my 'old' best friend, I turned the tables on her.. when she would write me and tell me how sad it was I wasn't a JW any more.. or write about how great the CA or DC was, I would write back telling her about why I doubt the WTS.. her last email to me was not to ever again quote apostate / info critisizing the WTS again.. but my determinination is that for every time she ties to put the guilt to me or pull me back in.. if she sents me stuff I dont' want to hear, I am going to come back at her with doubts, reasons to not believe.. she may not want to hear it, but she is the one who opened the door on the conversation topic

  • kls

    Iforget, i have thought of that and if a person is strong enough ,you know what they say ," An eye for an eye". They should get a taste of the misery they cause .

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