Strange pop-up when I access JWN

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  • AudeSapere

    Hi Simon -

    For the past week or so, I get a weird pop-up/redirect when I access JWN.  While I am reading a post, without touching the mouse, the screen suddenly changes to this address:

    ... and a pop-up window displays across my screen. It reads:

    UPDATES RECOMMENDED! It is recommended that you install the software to ensure your software and browser is the latest version.        [click: OK]

    ... and at the lower left corner I see this little message:

    Transferring data from

    To get rid of it, I close the tab on my browser and I get another pop-up asking if I really want to leave the page or stay.  I click 'leave', the tab closes, I open a new tab and all is good.  For a while, or until I re-open my browser.

    I'm using firefox and this only happens when accessing JWN. Have not seen it happen anywhere else. Yet.

    That message is *not* from you, is it?  If not, how can I make it stop appearing?


  • pixel
    It happened to me and is annoying.
  • Simon

    No, that's not from me. It sounds like either malware or a rogue ad.

    UPDATE: It does appear to be an issue with a rogue advertiser violating the rules based on some searches I did. It looks like they are working on blocking it.

    It uses Flash to do the redirect (disabling that crap is a good idea anyway).

    I'm guessing you are probably on a Windows PC as Flash has been mostly banished from Macs for some time now.

  • AudeSapere

    @Simon - OK. Will try later and let you know if I still have that problem.


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