Rutherford - Always Travel First Class

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  • VM44

    From an "Interview with Watchtower Attorney Hayden Covington"

    Covington: It took about two and a half to three days. Two and half days from San Diego and I made that trip a lot of times. From New York to San Diego; it takes two and a half days on a Pullman. Of course, we rode Pullman. We went first class, Brother Rutherford told me, "I want you, whenever you travel, to travel first class." And so I did, and Brother Heath did, Nathan Knorr did, and Freddy Franz did too, all the whole bunch of us did.

    Sis. Murray: Well you needed your rest and it was more comfortable.

    Covington: It's not our comfort, but we were entitled to: the laborer is worthy of his hire.

    But the missionaries DIDN'T travel first class, and the pioneers DIDN'T travel first class! I guess they weren't worthy!

    How can the higher ups in the Watchtower justify this double standard? Aren't all equal before the Lord?


  • kls

    Look at what the WT has and how their followers live . There entire lives in the WT is first class. Instead now they have no need to fly in the presence of others , they have their own plane.

    It is all needed for the important preaching work ,right?,,,,,,,They think we are really stupid.

  • Farkel

    Rutherford and WT Presidents and big shots who followed him weren't the only ones. The father of all WTS mentors did the same thing. Note this testimony from Maria Russell when questioned by the Chairman of the City Board of Tax Commissions in 1913:

    Q: Does your husband get any return from the corporation beyond his expenses and a fair compensation for his work?

    A: I don't that he gets any money, but he seems to get everything that a man of wealth could desire. He travels in the best style whenever he wants to; goes to California or Europe, on occasions, and all his expenses are paid out of the funds of the Watch Tower Society.

    Q: Does he hold any property in his own name?

    A: No, I don't think so. He wouldn't dare do that, because then I might have a claim on it through my dower rights.

    So it was the hypocrite RUSSELL who set the example for WTS leaders to have the finest of everything paid for by the money given by the slaves they had working for them.

    As I said, when it comes to slimeballs, Russell is right their with the best of them.


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