What to believe?

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  • Seven

    To all, In my search for the truth I have found it
    necessary to carefully examine things from a non Christian perspective. I have visited many Jewish websites and have become quite disillusioned by what I've read. If one of you wise and scholarly ones would be kind enough to comment on this passage from a letter(can be viewed in it's entirety from the link I provide)I would greatly appreciate it. If you scroll down the page-it is Greg's letter to Akiva, begins Shalom Akiva.

    ...The Septuagint was the Greek Translation
    of the Hebrew Test...The name of Jesus was not the Saviors name!! Jesus translates to Hail Zeus, which was the Pagan god of Greek Mythology!! Adonai translates to ADONIS, another Greek god. PAGANISM!! So what the laeity condemns everyone else of...They themselves do!! I am tired of Religious Leaders Lying and Covering the TRUTH!!..
    The rift between Jews and Christians will be CORRECTED or the Christians will suffer the punishment or penalty of Idolatry!! This will occur in my Lifetime...

    [url] http://www.jewishpath.org/rrdecember.html#anchor2616858[/url]


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    I think the question is, what authority does Greg base his assertion on?

    As for translating, words are translated based upon many considerations. For instance, depending upon context, it is possible that a single word/phrase could be legitimately translated as "praise God" or as "praise Zeus."

    Also not to be missed is that Greg is talking about subjects that have their roots in Hebrew culture and religion, not Greek culture or religion. Therefore questions about words used or translation of those words used must necessarily focus on accurately communicating the original ideas, not any reading in of ideas from other contexts.

    To me Greg's expression is just one more unsubstantiated assertion.


  • Seven

    Friend, Thank you for your reply. I'm uncertain why I'm having so much difficulty letting go of this particular site-wish I'd never found it. I believe Greg, author of the above excerpt follows a group that regards the written Torah literally. Elsewhere on this site Akiva G.Belk writes

    In fact Paul had no knowledge of what is now called the New Testament when Paul was stating the words,"All scripture is given by inspiration of God...," he was only making reference to the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings. He was not making reference to the New Testament. As a result
    a very serious misunderstanding exists. One cannot
    correctly take what Paul wrote in 65 A.C.E. and apply it to the New Testament. That is improper interpretation of the Bible! One living in the 21st century must interpret Paul's writings from the time and place they were written. While Timothy is included in the New Testament Paul was writing about the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings. One cannot assume that just because his book is a part of the New Testament that he was writing about the New Testament. In fact it is well known by Christian Messianic scholars that Paul's reference here was only about the Tenach.

    Interesting. I'm not looking for a response to any of this. I've been locked into one belief system for so long that I enjoy a little controversy. 7

  • Zep
    quite disillusioned

    tell me 'bout it!

    I enjoy a little controversy

    [url] http://www.infidels.org/library/magazines/tsr/[/url]

    Dont go here if you dont like atheism or bible sceptics!.Sometimes i wish i hadn't read some of this stuff myself...but then again!

  • Zep

    WHAT TO BELIEVE?????????

    WHAT NOT TO BELIEVE!!!!!!! is better Question

    Dont believe telemarketers, or salesmen,polititians (Bush or Gore LOL..you poor Yankees, then again we have J.Howard down here), anyone who tells you they have the TRUTH, mOrmons, Any guy whos half pi$$ed, any guy, errrr....Lawyers, accountants, WTBTS, Jamie Shea, NATO, Milosevic....Newspapers, CNN, UK Tabloids, WWF wrestling (its not real), Muslims: when they tell you they blew up a plane because Allah said so in the name of Jihad, the pope, anyone who claims to speak for God really!

  • Simon

    I think anyone who claims to speak for God automatically excludes themselves as being considered for such a role.
    I think you have to be skeptical of what anyone says...even skeptics. It's important to verify what anyone tries to teach you and even if you can't tell if it's right or not (ie. can YOU translate hebrew?) you can maybe tell whether their assertions are reasonable or not. And whether they have anything to gain.
    It's funny. God always tell's people that we have to do what they say, give them out money etc... never the other way round. Why is that?

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