virus! Someone called Watchtower23 sent me virus.

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  • avengers

    I opened my mail just now and am scrolling through the "normal" spam and virii. (that is the right spelling for virusses?)
    Everyday people send me trojans and virii, spam and more garbage.
    I just throw it away.

    Just now I received an e-mail from someone who calls him or herself [email protected]

    with the subject: Read it immediately.

    The attachment is most likely to be a virus.
    I just never open any attachment unless I know who sent it.
    the mail was sent to [email protected]

    I don't know if the one who sent me the mail is related with the WT or is
    maybe a JDubb or saw me on JWD or whatever.

    I just thought I would post to tell you to be careful..

    If anyone gets mail from similar sources and knows more please do tell.


  • confusedjw

    Almost without exception these email viruses put an address in the From: line other than the sending machine.

    So the one thing you can almost certainly conclude is that it came from anyone else but [email protected]

  • DireStraitJacket

    the virus auto-generates email addresses from random words, email addresses found in an infected machines address book, and now from search engines as well. The chances are you where not being targeted specifically and someone who at some stage had corespondence with you and kept your email address in their address book and was also either a witness or an ex witness or an something has an infected machine. Or someone that person emailed at some stage. the possibilities are endless. Just update your antivirus, maybe set it up so that it scan attachments before you open them, that is the safest option. If you're using web based email and you have antivirus installed that does real-time scanning (which all should do) it will automatically scan the attachment as soon as it has finished downloading, before windows can open it. So the only thing you should really be worried about is keeping your antivirus software up to date, and windows up to date as well.

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