Ex-firefighter was a JW

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  • Kenneson

    Richard Freidt served in the Seattle, Washington Fire Dept. for 26 years, then was in semi-retirement and finally ended up as a motorcycle escort for private funeral processions. He also served for nearly 30 years as an elder in the Shoreline Congregation. He died as a result of an accident while at work. See "Ex-firefighter dies after 'blink-of-the-eye' crash."


    I find it interesting that he was able to serve as elder and maintain his job as firefighter without conflict. Wonder how he did it?

  • jimbob

    I've known plenty of JW's that were firefighters and could keep their position as elders. Firefighters have lots of time off, so it wasn't that difficult. I personally knew this firefighter for many, many years, ever since I was a teenager. We were in the same congo for a while. He was odd at times, and was a quirky elder, but JW or not, I don't wish this upon anyone. I feel horrible for his family...they are really suffering from the loss. The wife and I are still deciding whether or not to attend his memorial, because we know we will see all of our former friends who have shunned us. But we'll see...

  • Kenneson

    From this article, I gather that he was a good man. I recommend you attend the Memorial service. Do it for him. Never mind the rest.

  • minimus

    Did you think that a firefighter was inelligible to be a JW or elder??

  • PopeOfEruke

    Firefighters can be JW elders or MS servants only if they don't carry a gun.


  • blondie

    I would expect the question might be if these were non-JW funerals and if there was a religious connection.

    working as a motorcycle escort for private funeral processions.

    I have known several JWs who were firefighters and also served as MS and elders. I have known brothers who had other jobs that required them to be away for segments of time that also were MS/elders; pharmaceutical salesmen, carpet layers, and construction work and harvesting work.

    It is definitely a double standard. These men were given lots of leeway but a sister who was on shift work in a nursing home was hounded for missing meetings.


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