They became witnesses and quit smoking

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  • JH

    Often, I heard elders say that some tried to quit smoking for years unsuccessfully, but when they associated with witnesses, they were able to quit smoking. I can imagine how hard it is for a smoker to quit smoking.

    What reasons would a person quit smoking faster if they associate with witnesses? Would it be the fear of rejection, the fear of God, the fear of elders, or losing eternal life?

    This could also be true for gambling.

    So, is fear what it takes to quit a bad habit?

  • blondie

    I know more people who quit smoking who never heard of JWs. What he doesn't mention is all the JWs that are secret smokers and those who were DF'd compared to the "success" stories.


  • El blanko
    El blanko

    I always thought appreciation for the body to be the best motivation, not fear. But I do believe that FEAR is the key for many.

    I quit after seeing a really horrible film of clogged up arteries, and also a video of a dying man without legs who was still smoking

    Although having struggled on and off with the dreaded fags & cigars, I kicked it out of my life for good. Smoking really is a stupid, silly thing to do.

    I have noticed how many ex-JWs when leaving the org' dabble with fags out of some kind of rebellion.

  • Sirona

    I think it is fear and desire to comply with the group. Also I think that so much of their time begins to be taken up with JWs that they're going for hours on end without smoking (meetings etc.) therefore find it becoming easier maybe


  • SwampThing

    Hello JH,

    As a smoker for the past 34 years, I believe I can speak from first-hand experience. One quits smoking when he or she makes it important enough to quit. We have every excuse in the world to ignore science, medicine, and personal experiences of friends and loved ones who died from smoking related illness. Decide what you want to be, then be it.

    I have stopped on 3 occasions in my life, one time for a 2 year period. I made myself start again. I didn?t need the cigarette, I was over the physical addiction. I just wanted to smoke. I associated smoking with relaxation, the psychological aspect of the addiction. So, after having stopped for 2 years, and while I was on vacation, I decided I would relax with a cigarette. After a day of relaxing, I was hooked again.

    To share my view of why someone might stop smoking because they joined the WT cult, I believe they now had something in their life which was more important to them than the cigarette. A friend of mine says that you never give up a habit or an addiction, you just replace it with another one, hopefully one less damaging than the one you traded. The interesting question would be if they suffered withdrawal. If so, then they are no different than the rest of us. If not, then maybe religion religion could have something to do with it.

    I hope that helps.

    Your friend from the swamp,

    Swamp Thing

  • 1914

    I am smoking in rebellion. One more thing to help keep me away from the kingdom hell.

  • ast370

    Fear of the Nazi elders.

  • Maverick

    I love a good cigar! I would smoke one a day. At night, with a single malt...almost as good as sex!

    My girl did not like me smoking. I never did it around her, only after being with her so she would not even have to smell it. She voiced her concerns about the health issue. So when I came back from traveling I quit. I have not smokes since. I have cigars here and my girl bought me a beautiful gold lighter in Vegas, but I told her I would quit for her and I did.

    I worry about her drinking. So we have a bet, no alcohol for two days. Not much of a bet, but the point was to prove drinking is not a problem. I've had no drinks. I find out tomorrow how she did.

    As for the JW's bragging rights, just like everything else they use to prove Godly influence, this one is a without any real value. Mav

  • new light
    new light

    Fear of God might have something to do with it. There is also the peer pressure factor. Silent peer pressure is most effective if the smoker picks up the vibe. People telling someone to quit sometimes makes them want to smoke more, but subtle disapproval, as the Witnesses are SO good at, works quite well.

    I can hear the student's worldly brother now. "Sure, he quit smoking, but now he is a miserable judgemental prick that leaves a trail of magazines in his wake and has the audacity to call God by His first name. I liked him so much more the way he was."

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