my dad cried

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  • the mole
    the mole

    this last sunday a family party happened. i knew i was not invited but since my dad recently stopped going to meetings he was not invited. i submitted this same issue to silent lambs that this is another form of abuse. my dad is so hurt but he stood his ground. he has found so many errors and asked so many questions. i asked him why so long? he said that he believe jehovah would fix it but now that he has retired and had his surgery that those brothers who told him to sell his house and quit his job are beggers or dropped out...i wish there was a way that all of you can help him or something to ease his pain but like all of you i too feel the pain of shunning...the mole

  • Sassy

    aaah.. the mole........I feel for your dad...

    hopefully this is just a evidence that he made the right choice to stop attending.....there is no love there....

    it's hard to see it when you are inside the box..... we all know his pain and feel for him.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I'm so sorry that they they have hurt another very sincere one with their backstabbing and lies. Perhaps, mole, we can send him some encouragement and support in email? You could always ask him, and then pass his email on to people that you know that would like to help...

    I hope that things get better for him. This is just heartbreaking...

    Country Girl

  • Scully

    Part of the pain, for me, came from thinking that I was the only person among 6 million who had those nagging doubts, those irreconcilable conflicts of conscience that this could not possibly in a million years, be God's Organization. The multitude of prophetic errors, the doctrinal flip-flops that cost people their lives made for some overwhelming evidence in themselves. But the coup de grace, beyond the shadow of a doubt, was the utter lack of love and compassion shown toward my family and I when we needed it most.

    Maybe your dad might want to check out this place and see that he's not alone at all.

    Love, Scully

  • TrailBlazer04

    ((((((((((((mole & dad))))))))))))

    I'll never in a million years understand the shunning thing. How can someone just turn off feelings? How can people bury feelings for family, sons, daughters, moms, dads, just because they leave a certain religion? It's horrid.


  • blondie

    I was someone who hung on for what seems to have been too long hoping God would fix the WTS. My family was already shunning us even though we were "good" JWs. I kept my doubts to myself and kept searching the scriptures for answers. I found my answers but did not listen until I realized that Jesus' followers would have to show true love to each other. I finally realize that while a few individuals did do that that the organization was corrupt and left. I found JWD and other sites that helped me see I was not alone. I learned how to build a new life. Your father and you have each other too and that is a wonderful gift. I have my husband and we are there in real life to support each other.

    Blondie (((hugs))

  • frenchbabyface

    ((((((((((((mole & dad))))))))))))

    but remember those who stay and shun are the great losers !

  • sunshineToo

    I am very sorry to hear that, mole.

    You've been shunned? Are you DF'd or DA'd now? Last time I read your post, you were still a jw but getting some suspicions from the elders.

    Anyway if they shun you, forget about them. There are more decent and truly loving people out there with true Christian heart. You'll be amazed. After hearing all those horrible stories about "the worldly people" from the jws, rediscovering my neighbors has been so refreshing.

    Please tell your dad that I said, "hi!". And keep your chins up, both of you. Start new lives.

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