The Bourne Supremacy

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  • Corvin

    Mary and I have been Robert Ludlum fans for years and have read everything he's written. The Bourne series is one of my favs, and I forgave director Dave Liman for completely deviating from Ludlum's original plot in the Bourne Identity because the film was so cool.

    Mary and I were excited to go and see the new Bourne film, The Bourne Supremacy, and were a bit dissapointed.

    Every single scene was filmed with a hand-held cam and I was just begging inside for the damn camera man to hold still for a moment. Too much camera movement . . . way too much.

    The action/fight sequences was a complete blurrrrr and all you saw was, ummm nothing but lots of blurry motion with really cool sound effects.

    The car chase sequence was nothing more than cut to this blurry shot of the car rounding a corner, then cut to that blurry shot of a collision . . . than a blurry foot hitting the excellorator, then cut to tires squeeling around another corner . . . you just could not tell where the hell they were going or what they were actually doing . . . oh my garsh!

    The movie really had some great potential to be as good as the first, but the cinematography and editing really sucked. They really dropped the ball on this film. How sad. The sound was pretty good, tho.

    I give it

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Thanks for saving me the trouble, Corv!


  • simplesally

    I loved the Bourne books but because I knew the book, the movie was disappointing.

  • Corvin
    I loved the Bourne books but because I knew the book, the movie was disappointing.

    Yeah, nothing in the movie was even close to the book . . . except for the part about Bourne being pulled out of the sea . . . that's where the similarities end. I still liked the first movie tho.

    Thanks for saving me the trouble, Corv!

    Your welcome. It might be worth a viewing on DVD.


  • Rabbit

    I've read and loved all the Robert Ludlum books, too... years ago and always thought they would make good movies -- if someone could be found to play a good Bourne. And someone who could believably "do" what the character in the book could. I loved the first movie...I was hoping "Supremacy" would be as good or better.

    We saw "Catwoman" last night and it was pretty good -- except that same ole' hand-held camera stuff. Too blurry. On a big screen especially, it's hard to follow.

    We'll try it anyway tho' for whatever good points it does have.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    I'll see it when it comes on cable.I am a crack shot with a $350.00 home video camcorder...

    I'm gonna produce and direct my own flick,the Apostate Supremacy.It will have an all star cast

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