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    When I have read Nicholas's article on the "Left Behind" series, especially on the last book, "The Glorious Appearing". This writer blasted the Left Behind series w/o realizing and understanding why Jesus did to those on his left. The "goats" as we call them from the bible, those that did nothing to further the cause of Jesus Christ.

    The writer made comparison to Islam and Christianity, what this writer made a mistake about is that there is a difference between Jesus of Christianity and Muhammid of Islam.

    Jesus' goal is to save sinners, Muhammid's goal is to destroy sinners (they call us infidals).

    Jesus is giving us time and mercy to accept the message of the Gospel, Muhammid won't give us any time of the day, they want us dead right now.

    Our job as Christians is to carry out Jesus last command, like in the army, "Always obey the last order from the Commander in Chief, until further orders are received". Jesus said, "Go preach the gospel unto the world, make disciples of men, for I am with you, even unto the end of the age."

    Many of us are doing just that today, to share the gospel of Jesus to whomeever is willing to listen and to receive. But, unfortunantly, many of us are not doing the job Jesus commanded us to do, to save sinners from their sins, to set them free.

    Too many of these so called "christians" are playing "church" and they are not going out to share the gospel of Christ, but instead they're going to resturants and having brunch. Then they are going home to watch College Football on television. All the while, someone out there on the street is dying without ever knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior.

    Too many of them are not going out to give drinks to those who are thirsty, to give food to those that are hungry. To visit the sick or those who are in prison. Nor are they clothing the naked, especially those who are standing out in the cold in the dead of the winter nights.

    While I was staying in the homeless shelter for 11 months, seeking a way to return to my normal life, I've learned to give drinks to those who were thirsty, I made food in the kitchen for those that were hungry. I arranged clothes on the table for those are were naked and feeling cold in the winter nights. I checked out the guys in their bunks while they were sick to be sure they were ok and taking their medications as needed.

    When Jesus turned to those on his left, the "goats" as the bible calls them and gave those charges "I was sick and in prison, YOU did not visit me. I was hungry, YOU gave me nothing to eat. I was thirsty, YOU gave me nothing to drink. I was naked, YOU gave me nothing to wear to cover my nakedness." and they would say to Jesus, "Lord, when were you sick, hungry, thirsty and naked???" and Jesus would say, "Verily I say unto you, for the least of these things YOU have done unto my breathern, YOU have done unto me!"

    Not only that were these charges levied against them, those on his left are also what the bible calls "workers of equity", those so called "christians" who display miracle waters, prayer cloths and other things for a donation of $100 or more. Those who made millions off Christianity. Those that abused the bible for their own personal gain. These phoneys will stand before Jesus and say unto him, "Lord, Lord! Did we not heal the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead?" Jesus would reply, "I do not know you!"

    These same crowd, I guaranteed, the men of the Governing Body of the Jehovah's Witnesses will stand before Jesus and pay the price for what they have done. The shunning, the pedophiles they allowed to serve the KHs, ignoring the abuse of children, the breaking up of families, the money they took for their Watchtower and Awake magazines and other literatures. Those men who abused our bible with false doctrines and false prophecies. Those that denied Jesus to them to be their Lord and Savior, the life saving gospel that 6 million jdubs could have used. But instead they say, "It's only for the anointed 144,000 ones, it's not for YOU!"

    Don't think Jesus will take pleasure as they fall into the chasm below their feet, forever sealing their fate in hell. He will mourn. He will cry. He will be sad and he will not forget what had to be done. To serve justice against those who have done wickedness on this world.

    Rest assured, you will get the justice that you deserve for what these men from the GB have done unto you and to your families. They stole your life, they stole your families, your children and grandchildren. They stole your money. They fed you lies after lies and for a while you believed them, but not anymore.

    These men of the GB will come up with lame excuses for their so called "works" and Jesus will see through their bullcrap and call them out for what they truly are. And these men of the GB will receive their just punishment for what their organization has done for the last 100 years.

    This isn't a pleasurable event and none of us see it as being a pleasurable event. No, all of us will mourn for their souls as justice has been carried out. We will not forget them for as long as we remain and exist. But justice is justice.

    How would you feel if Jesus denied your right for justice for what these men of the GB had done to YOU and to your families?


  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Well put Yiz.God hates a coward.[Rev.21:8] ever notice how this verse # 8 is just past the vs. # 4 that jdubs always hawk adnaseum?

    Throw the bums out and super-size it.Take out the trash the Watchtower gig is up, a hard fast rule has always been that longstanding traits seldom change.Past as the prologue then,the Armageddon alarmist at the Watchtower will never change,they have done to death the 1914 'generations' the WT$ is a joke wrapped in a nightmare. Throw the bums out.Undaunted Danny

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