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  • simplesally

    Valis' thread about Toad in a Hole got me to think of when I used to camp alot. We used to make the Egg in Hole alot because it was easy.......and you got toast and an egg in one pan, no toaster needed.

    What food and drink concoctions do you remember or were pretty nifty??

    All you do is butter both sides of a piece of bread, rip out a hole from the middle, throw the bread on a hot griddle or frying pan then drop the egg in the hole.....turn once. Then you have toast and a fried egg!!

  • Billygoat

    I realize it's not really "nifty", but your post reminded me of camping. Neil makes the best campfire chili. If we'd prepared better, we would have made it for the chilifest in Dallas several months ago.

    • 1lb ground beef (browned)
    • 1 can tomatoes
    • 1 can red beans
    • 1 can black beans
    • 2 whole jalapenos
    • chili spices
    • 1 bottle dark beer

    Simmer for 1 hour and serve with fresh diced onions and sour cream. Yum!

  • Dan-O

    I went camping with my son & other Cub Scouts last Friday. My son & I made tacos in a skillet over the campfire that night. The morning breakfast was sausage and eggs; I loaded my eggs & sausage patties between two slices of bread & made a sandwich. But for me, the best camp delicacy is a good cup of coffee, especially on a cool morning. I have an old percolator that has held a special spot in my gear box for nearly 20 years.

    Desserts are always fun, too. I like to pour a couple of cans of fruit pie filling (apple, cherry, blueberry ... whatever you like) into the bottom of a large, cast iron dutch oven, and then cover the filling with cake mix blended with butter. Put the lid on the dutch oven & set it in the fire ring. Cover the lid with hot coals & let the dessert bake for about 45 - 60 minutes.

  • Bryan


    As a kid I loved those things, but we called them "nest eggs". Okie speak I suppose.


  • simplesally

    Success Rice is a boil in the bag type of white rice. It's nice cuz there is no measuring, just need a pair of scissors to open the bag.

    Boil the rice. Heat up a can of Cambell's Cheddar Cheese, add a can of Star Kist Shrimp or a can of tuna and then mix it all together, there ya go: dinner! Even boil some asparagus when you boil the rice in the same pan. Nice dinner and no refrigerator needed to keep that food before you cook it.

  • GentlyFeral

    When I went camping last year, I got all overzealous and decided to see if I could do without a cooler. I succeeded: I carried whole milk powder and a wide variety of dried vegetables from the health food store, textured soy protein ditto, and a couple of dried veg/TVP/seasoning mixtures. I simmered various combinations in water, then dropped in a package of ramen and simmered further until done. Pretty satisfactory most of the time. Creamy Chicken ramen in particular is really good when spiked with vegetables and meatlike chunks. Didn't cook with the milk powder, just mixed it up and drank it.


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