Kerry / Democrats distance selfs from extreme Celebs

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    I edited some of this report for length, but didn't change the context. Highlights mine of course.

    Makes you wonder about the real motives of some of these Celebs. Is it just to get attention to their careers?

    Celebrities declare own war - on Bush Wed Jul 21, 6:52 AM ET Add Entertainment - to My Yahoo!
    By William Keck, USA TODAY

    In what's shaping up as one of the nastiest presidential races in decades, Bush-bashing is turning into an en vogue celebrity sport.

    But unsolicited anti-Bush rhetoric, which appears to be spinning out of control, is alienating both Republicans and Democrats

    Recent examples:
    ? At a John Kerry (news - web sites) fundraiser July 8, Whoopi Goldberg (news) delivered several crude puns on Bush's name. Complaints led to Goldberg's firing as a Slim-Fast spokeswoman and admonishments from both parties.

    ? At a concert July 14, rocker Ozzy Osbourne sang War Pigs while projecting an image of Bush with Adolf Hitler. After complaints, it was dropped from shows.

    ? Hip-hop artist Jadakiss' hit Why blames Bush for 9/11. He sings: "Why did Bush knock down the towers?" Some radio stations have edited out the line.

    Even Linda Ronstadt (news)'s seemingly innocuous plea at her concert Saturday in Las Vegas to see the Bush-bashing movie Fahrenheit 9/11 angered some listeners and got her axed by the Aladdin Hotel/Casino.

    Some celebrities feed off controversy. "You score points in Hollywood by being outlandish, so there's a publicity aspect to this," Brinkley says.

    Not surprisingly, both parties are putting spins on the controversy.

    "The hate and vitriol that has surrounded Kerry's campaign has existed for months," Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt says. Democrats are distancing themselves from offending celebs. Kerry spokeswoman Allison Dobson says: "A lot of these things we don't have anything to do with. These folks don't speak for (us)."

    Even so, Dobson says Kerry hopes that celebrity supporters will keep things positive. "But of course, we don't control them."

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