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  • year2027

    God first

    Hi All
    Here I sat talking with the God of all things, the father of Jesus Christ, the creater of all things on earth and in heaven, the love of all love, the light of all light, and that which is truth

    By the grace of Jesus Christ giving his life so that I may become seed of his father-mother God and become a unborn child of God brother to Jesus the Christ

    Its is Christ who is telling me what God wants me to know of all truths, It is Christ who comforts me with the truths by way of word of knowledge, word of wisdom, word of prophecy, by speaking an unknown tongue, by intertaion of that unknown tongue, by working of miracles, by discerning of spirits, by gifts of healing, and by faith which is trust in the truth written aforetime or told one on one now

    I ask God why do many not hear me? The words come back loud and clear ?If only a few heard Apostel Paul and the words of Christ while he was on earth were not believe by all. How can you even ask why you are laught at by some too? That were the words that I needed to hear

    Now I do not know who likes my words of prophecies but as long as I feel the need to share them with others I will do it with all my heart As I grow in understanding of what it is to trust in God?s heart to my heart

    Its not a matter of whether or not I am heard but a matter of how I grow in love and truth. Its not the teachings of men that will set me free from this world but the birth into the light itself that which is pure I will become at the second coming of Jesus the first born from the dead the Christ

    I find myself living by the flesh, I find myself longing after things of the flesh, I find myself living by the flesh, I find myself trusting in the flesh but I am not all flesh and bone anymore

    My spirit is alive and well if I just trust it more and more each day. For it is the things of the spirit that I need. If I would live only by the spirit all fleshly things would not even be needed

    The flesh saids the body must have water but what is water but oxgen and carbon dixide and are they not in the air we breath in each day. The flesh saids we need food but is it not all around us in many forms but we buy more each allmost every day we live

    So what do we need The spirit of truth which is God and if we have God we have it all because God is every where because God is every thing in the flesh known to man just like mother is too her unborn child God is too us

    The mother takes care of the child every need just like God takes care our every need and Jesus the Christ is the cord that holds us to God Our spirital food comes by the lovings mouth of Jesus the Christ

    I spend time talking with God and can never paid him back for all the love he has gave me on a personal loveing There is not words that my mind can come up with to tell you of the way he makes me feel

    When talking with God by way of Jesus Christ I feel safe, I feel loved, I feel like I am somebody, I feel strong, and like I said my joys are more than I could ever name or write in a short word of prophecy

    There are times I feel lost but that when I am walking by the flesh, there are times I feel sad but that is allso times I am walking by the flesh So I cry out to you and myself lets learn to walk by the spirit more and more as we walk by the flesh less and less

    It is the love of God that will light the way we need to go in our flesh until we are only spirit and truth That is the day when we will know as we are known because we will be like God but not God

    That day we will sat along side of God has spiritual sons of light and truth only can Thank you for reading my words and may God bless your heart as we both walk toward the great light of God

    with love Roy

  • shotgun

    hmmm...welcome to the forum Roy...Thanks for the heartfelt words.

    I don't know what else to say...Gumby sent me an e-mail the other day it was almost identical to your post.

  • JamesThomas

    Welcome Year2027.

    All very beautifully and warmly expressed; especially this: "if we have God we have it all because God is every where because God is every thing in the flesh known to man just like mother is too her unborn child God is too us."

    It seems what you are saying -- and I would agree -- is that there is no beginning or end to our Source. Thus, there is no one, no thing, less holy or divine than any other. There is not God, and.

    Yet, it seems, you place a condition: "Jesus the Christ".

    This seems fine on the surface, even sweet, but the act of making one man or thing more or most-holy (a mouth-peace, an opening or a Way), is to diminish God -- everywhere else in the universe.

    Generally, religion, in the name of righteousness, is a practice of belittling God. Making God more present and accepting of us than of them, is nothing more than an ego trip in the land of b.s..

    In truth, our Source is even closer than a "mother is to her unborn child"......and closer still. There is no separation, no distance at all. Yet, the illusion formed of concepts and belief -- makes it seem so.

  • Carmel

    Let me also welcome you Roy to the forum. As positive as your testimonial is, I find it too condemnatory of the physical reality. God apparently decided to have us experiance a physical reality so why decry it so profusely? Enjoy it as part of being one of His creations lucky to be able to experiance the physical and descern the metaphysical. We are part and parcel of reality.


  • Nosferatu

    Welcome to the forum, Roy! Sorry, but I'm not touching this one with a 40ft torture stake.

  • year2027

    God first

    Hi Nosferatu

    God bless your heart

    with love Roy

    Hi Carmel

    God bless your heart I love the good things of the flesh but I find myself longer after things of the flesh that I see wrong in my heart and I see the better living by the spirit only which will not come until the return of Christ when we are known as we know

    with love Roy

    Hi James Thomas

    Thanks and God bless your heart

    with love Roy

    Hi Shotgun

    God bless your heart

    with love Roy

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