The odds of getting diseases from blood transfusions

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  • GenericMan

    I got these numbers from the website

    The odds of getting infected by blood transfusion transmitted disaeses in the United States:

    Hepatitis B - Risk of transmission in the Unites States is said to be 1 in 66,000.

    Hepatitis C - Risk of transmission in the Unites States is said to be 1 in 121,000.

    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) - Risk of transmission in the Unites States is said to be 1 in 563,000.

    The WBTS has over-hyped the odds of getting a transmitted disease. Sure, there is a risk of getting infected, there are risks when dealing with medication. Theres even a risk for individuals who are allergic to latex gloves. There is no excuse for dismissing blood transfusion on the basis of these kinds of risks. Its a shame that many adherents of the WBTS make life and death decisions without being informed. I sympathize with doctors who try to walk the line between informing the patients about the actual risks of this procedure while at the same time trying to avoid violating their rights.

  • Fe2O3Girl

    People are very bad at making risk/benefit decisions, and this is an excellent example.

    Reminds me of the new mum puffing cigarette smoke over her infant, moaning "I am not sure what to do about MMR vaccinations....." HELLO??!!

  • avishai

    Shit, that's better than the odds for taking aspirin

  • kls

    The wet-tower is so full of lies but who will a jw believe, their own mags or the real truth. They would not give the reality a second thought. The wet-tower is the truth and they will die with the lies.

  • Beans

    The odds of becoming a JW is better than that, but I'm not betting on that!


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