I ran into this nutball on the street today.

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  • JeffT

    Very interesting website run by a guy that got out of a cult that almost makes the JW's look rational.


  • shamus

    Hare Krishna's are far worse.

  • Mary

    I didn't realize that Andrea Yates had belonged to this cult. Part of me feels hatred towards her for what she did, but another part of me feels really sorry for her after reading about this cult. She was a Schizophrenic, depressed, manipulated woman cut off virtually from the outside world. If this nutbar was drilling it into her head that she and her kids were damned to eternal hellfire, then it makes a bit more sense why she did what she did. And let's face it, at one time or another, most people here probably believed our religious was "the Truth"......how many times did we hear that we're not doing enough and have the guilt trip laid on us? How many of us figured that we just weren't good enough to make through Armageddon because we're only averaging 2 hours in Service each month? To this day I have feelings of worthlessness and guilt because I was taught this from a young age on...........

  • dorothy

    I read the site extensively. There are a lot of similarities, especially in the terminology used.

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