"I Ching" have you tried it?

by frankiespeakin 3 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • frankiespeakin

    I'm looking into "I Ching". I think it may have some interesting effects, that the unconsious can control the pick of yin and yang lines,, and thus in effect speak to the conscious. That my thought on it anyway.

    I've been picking buttons 1black, 3 pink, 5 white and 7 red,, for yin and yang lines and have gotten some very interesting replies.

    They say you have to try and concentrate on your question while you pick randomly for it to work,,and that you have to have a certain respect for the force at work. Also that you can not use it for evil or to ask it manipulative questions if you do you can cut off comunication with the oracle possibly permanately..

    Heres a link for your free I Ching reading:


  • JeffT

    I tried it every day for a couple of years preborg. Mostly what I got was "perseverance furthers." I then spent fifteen years trying to sell enough Watchtowers. I've given up on both.

  • shotgun

    Did you say I-Ching...god bless you...get some rest and drink lots of fluids.

    Actually I've never heard of it before...sheltered life as a dub.

  • orbison11

    yes about 30 years ago, don't remember the outcome


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