"What is life if full of care - we have no time to stop and stare"

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  • Jim Dee
    Jim Dee

    That prose was written many years ago by a great poet - William Henry Davies from Wales.

    4 years ago I realised that the child molestation issue was totally out of order and the society was plain wrong, and helped in my own small way to help those who highlighted the problem - and in the following years I also realised that the Poets words were right.

    For 40 years its been - Monday WT Study prep, Tuesday Group, Wed prep for TMS, Thursday TMS and SM, Friday personal Strudy, Sat Field Service, Sunday WT and Field Service. There was no time to stop and stare! A treadmill with no happiness or ending - just acceleration.

    Now on a Sat and Sun I go away the Wales, the Lake District, the Fenlands of Norfolk or the Museums in London. I take life slower and under less pressure. The politics in the elders meetings are replaced by Paintings and Sculpture. I have a pint in the pub at lunch time opn a Sunday (disfellowship that heathen!!) I am learning to enjoy life for the first time, I am learning to listen - to my children and my life.

    I know this must seem silly to most here - but I believe those words written so long ago are really true - anyone else?


  • kls

    Silly? No you are taking life as it was ment , to enjoy life's pleasures and to open your eye's to what it has to offer. You are giving yourself the best healing for yourself, lives beauty . Hurray for you.

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