The Watchtower magazine kind of sucks...

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  • Obviously Secret
    Obviously Secret

    I was at the meeting the other day and this brother gave a really really good talk (Waits for the stones and sticks to be thrown at him). But seriously it was a very good talk just because it was a good talk. He actually talked about Jesus and different things and he talked about very deep issues and he brought it out great. It kind of made my day in a way. But then.... The watchtower comes along... and I read about how you should give even more to the cause. And tell stories about people giving up everything for it... and it just bah... was crap pretty much sorry but it was. I'm glad I know my family have way good and they won't REALLY give up everything to do God's work because shoot... having money is good at times... and not worrying about bill to bill is kind of good at times. But I dunno I kind of feel for the people who are actually giving up everything for the cause. I mean even if they get to that beautiful place in the universe I still feel sorry for them and their struggles that are kind of self imposed in this life. Kind of makes me sad at times... at least I have the fun loving JW youth to keep me company. Lol JW kids are some of the craziest funny things in the world... well where I stay anyways. Most of the older folk just seem out of it in a way... I'ma try to at least help the kids out so they won't be like that in the future.

  • jgnat

    lol Obviously Secret. It is nice to have you confirm that the Do More study is a real bummer for JW youth. Hey, how did the teens feel about this one:

    "The preaching work can also be a wholesome family activity.'...I took the children to meetnigs and in the door-to-door ministry on a regular basis. The results of my efforts? All five children are baptized.'"

    Question: How can regular participation in the field ministry benefit families?

  • Obviously Secret
    Obviously Secret

    lol they didn't talk about the watchtower at all. My mom slightly hinted by saying, "Oh that watchtower was good also." (Then a long lull) "BUT REMEMBER WHEN THE BROTHER TALKED ABOUT HUMAN GOVERNMENT IN HIS TALK OH MY GOD SO GREAT!!!"

    Lol most people don't like the watchtower all too much they look forward more to the talks. And when the talks is bad you I know. My mom doesn't talk about the meeting at all when the talk is bad. But when it's good. Gonna be sayin Jehovah till tuesday lol. Kind of like it when she's happy just when she gets crazy with it that's when I worry.

  • jgnat

    Boy, can I relate to this:

    just when she gets crazy with it that's when I worry

    Like when my honey comes home all revved up, crowing with delight about the soon-to-be destroyed worldly-world, and then looks at me like I am an alien or something,

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Witnessing Tips for the Jdub door to door recruiters:

    Jehovah's Witnesses. ... - Vulgar but deep.This is the popular perception,and for good reason. Remember 90% of the general population already knows that JW's s**k and this is one reason why.

  • ballistic
    brought it out

    now there's a clanger - definately DUBspeak

  • heathen

    I agree , it's one thing to encourage people to do more but yet another when it comes down to personal needs .Who's going to pay your rent ? who's going to provide food ?Who is going to take care of you when you are too old ? Questions that the WTBTS only can answer with wait on jehovah . They really do need to reevaluate the way they run the religion . One of the things that jesus condemned people over was greed and for a religion to suggest you leave all your worldly posessions to them when you die but yet will not lift a finger to take care of you in your old age just seems too hypocritical .

  • Sweetp0985

    I see I wasn't the only one with my body in a KH that Sunday. The public talk that was given that Sunday was very wishy washy. At first it was going ok about giving Jehovah glory which all need to do. But then he started talking about only the JW's give God glory properly and they're the only ones giving him true glory. OOOOKKKKK.

    But in reference to the Watchtower study for that day. I saw it as passing the collection plate without the "literal" collection plate. I'm still silently counting down the days until "new light" comes and tithing is initiated (sp).

  • Think

    it sucks !

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