My sis-in-law isn't afraid of being brash...

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  • bebu

    Almost 2 years ago, my sister-in-law Lori left the Mormon church. She's been on the big ex-Mormon board, but mostly reading. Anyway, I saw her today and we were having some great chitchat.

    The friends she had from church would ask why she wasn't at the LDS church anymore. She told me the following dialogue she had with a former friend...

    Friend: Lori, why haven't I seen you at church for such a long time? Have you been ill??

    Lori: No, I just don't go to that church anymore!

    Friend (aghast): Oh my gosh! Why not?

    Lori: I studied my way out of it. It was actually very easy! It only took me a couple of minutes!

    Friend: (speechless... leaves)

    What a gal!

    I laughed so hard. She isn't at all afraid to talk straight, she's so burned by the Mormons. But she's never been contacted by any of her LDS "friends" again. Not even one.


  • Lehaa

    Yay, go Lori. Will have to remember that one for next time the elders come round for there visit.


  • Mum

    Hi, bebu. My daughter did something similar when we lived in Indiana. A nice JW lady knocked on our door, and my daughter answered. When the nice JW lady began her presentation, my daughter simply said, "I've already been a Jehovah's witness." The poor lady was aghast!

    Surprisingly, however, the nice JW lady came back to see us. She asked me if I left because I just "didn't believe in it." I told her that was not the reason at the time. We were on our way out to the car, so we didn't have a discussion with the nice JW lady, and she never returned after that. Not long after, we moved away from there.

    I told my co-workers that line my daughter used, and they all loved it. A lot of JW's in that area might be given the brush-off with "I've already been a JW" in that area now. I hope my daughter started a trend.

    Best regards,


  • bebu

    Hi SandraC,

    That was a good quip by your daughter. I hope that she DID start a trend!! That is pretty funny, esp. if none of them had ever been one before.


  • shotgun


    JW neighbours and Mormon relatives....your surrounded by cult members. Guess that's why you've learned to deal and talk with them so eloquently without raising red flags which stifle logical conversations.

    I've worked closely with both Mormons and Christadelphians. I always marvelled at how intelligent these people I worked with were and yet how wacky they're religous beliefs were. Guess what..they said the exact same thing about my JW beliefs.

    You could have the same circular conversation with them as what you have with a JW and end up getting no where.

    Glad to hear your sister in-law studied her way out of the darkness!

  • bebu


    Sometimes I feel like I've got more than my fair share of cult members in my life. But cult members can be quite interesting--a silver lining, I guess. I've never had to deal with Christadelphians, though. (Are those guys also originally from Pennsylvania? )

    Btw... The HOUSE we live in was owned by JWs before us! (I guess that should have been a sort of omen!!) They didn't announce it while they were selling, but I recognized a little bit of literature when we first went thru. The husband was an angry and spiteful person, as he sent me an amazingly hateful letter (after the closing) over a very mild house info question, and told me never to contact them again. Believe me, I didn't ever feel the need! (Oh yeah--he was an elder, according to my JW neighbor... she never really liked him, either, she said...)

    Circular reasoning reminds me of trying to find the edge of the tape on the roll, so you can peel it off... but the edge of the tape is so smooth you can't find it very well, so you go around, and around, and around...searching... Thankfully, sometimes something happens so that the edge finally gets raised up enough that it can be pulled.

    Don't give up!!


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