my dilemma

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  • def


    I was halfassed raised in the truth.

  • blondie

    That's good, that means you have only half an ass to get out.


  • def


    i was halfassed raised in the truth in the Aberdeen.

    then I left for about 8 years and moved to Oregon State university. I moved back to Aberdeen, then I was introduced to a wonderful girl and have been seeing her for many months now. She is a total JW. Elders, MS, etc. I love her but somethings are just a damn burden. We feel totally devoted....but is there anyway possible this can work in the long run?

    I have read a lot on this site and on Everytime I ask a question about the history of the organization, I get told about Able being the first witness, etc. there seems to be a disconnect that this is a organization that had a starting point.

  • unique1

    Aberdeen? As in NC? Heck, I probably know your girlfriend or her older sibling. Anyways, This is what happened for me and my husband. He knew I didn't follow all of the teachings. So he became a dedicated, baptized witness, because it was the only way I could have my friends in the wedding. We were married 3 months later. After a year or so, our meeting attendance slowed. My husband would go less than I. He eventually stopped giving talks, but due to my parents, I continued meeting attendance, with my hubby only going on Sunday. Eventually we stopped going to conventions, counting them as a waste of a good day. I then started to slow down going to meetings and he completely stopped. I hear it from my parents on occassion but I just tell them something to passify them and continue to not go to meetings or assemblys. My husband and I have successfully faded. I did have to turn down several Elder visits and get into a battle or two with my parents, but I still love my husband and it has all been worth it. As long as you are there to back her up when she decides to leave, because it will be harder for her, I think you will be alright. Just make sure she will be cool with you missing meeting and service. Slowly but surely, you too will be able to fade out.

  • kls

    Thanks for the morning chuckle Blondie.

  • Atilla

    Yeah, being half raised in the truth can sometimes be worse than being completely immersed in the truth. Those half raised kids, at least in our KH were always looked upon with a closer eye. Even though, theretically, those half raised kids should be given the most attention, however they are oftne ignored and cut our of events. If you have a nuclear family, both parents in the truth, go to every single meeting, field service at least once a week, you will be fine. Otherwise, I found that you are most often labled a freak. The one good things, even though more painful, is the fact that you might see the hypocrisy sooner, and escape that much sooner.

  • Farkel

    : I was halfassed raised in the truth.

    More correctly put: you were halfassed raised in halfassed "truth."


  • Ciara
    More correctly put: you were halfassed raised in halfassed "truth."

    So, Farkel, are you saying only 1/4 of his ass is in peril?

    My apologies,


  • Lehaa

    doubt it would work, depends on how devoted she herself is, not her family. Hell all my family are elders and MS but i managed to get out. Just give her crisis of conscience to read, that should sort her out, mind you she probably wont read it because she's been brainwashed by her family.

    If your not devoted to it and she it then I wouldn't bother, it would not be fair on either of you, especiaslly if you decide to have kids.

    Best of luck.


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