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  • zeena1998

    Hey all.

    I know that I don't post much here as there is nothing more than a compassionate ear for me to offer to all of you who have been thru so much at the hands of the borg. Throughout my time here though, I have sought to understand what drives people to believe what they do. I have my own set of beliefs as do each and every one of you. I stumbled across this just a couple of minutes ago. To me, it makes sense. It seemingly is all so simple. I would love to know your views and thoughts on this.


    Of the No...really? What the hell am I doing here?? class

    edited to add: Thanks Frannie for bringing this up!!

  • Satanus

    Not bad. Everyone is god. The perrenial truth.


  • Bryan

    I personaly think you hit the nail on the head. Jesus, when asked about God by his apostles say, "Look around you." I was always taught by the borg that this meant, look around and see the beauty of the things God created and know God..

    But what if he meant... Look around you. Everything you see is God. My take is everything! Everything has molicule, which has atoms which have electron, protons, quarks, etc. Perhaps Jesus was saying God keeps EVERYTHING going! Therfore, God is in every-thing

    Good find, thank you,


  • Satanus

    I may have missed it, but is this the same gnotic group that thought that a lower god, a dark god (ahiram?) created the material universe? That the real god was on a still higher plane? Just trying to keep my gnotrils gnostics clear.


  • Dan-O

    Interesting stuff. Have any of you read The Gnostic Gospels? I read it about 20 years ago, after I had already been out of the borg for a year or two. They books paint a very different picture of Jesus than Matthew, Mark, Luke & John did.

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