Panorama ... Blair's ass is grass !

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  • Simon

    Wow ... that was hard hitting but not totally unexpected.

    Blair, the war, what a joke. How should be prosecuted. The whole thing was a stitch up. He lied and he knew he was lying. The people who went along with it have been rewarded with promotion for their part in it.

    The *real* intelligence analysts didn't get to see the supposed intelligence and raised their concerns about the claims the PM was making. They were ignored.

    You can normally watch the latest programme online here:

    For those who supported the war and the pretext for the war. Give it up. The chickens are coming how to roost. Blair will be forced to resign and Bush will leave office in disgrace.

  • Euphemism

    So much for trying to tone down the political rhetoric.

  • logical
    Blair will be forced to resign and Bush will leave office in disgrace.

    I doubt it... they will both bullshit / weasle their way out of it as they have done so many times

  • Brummie
    I doubt it...

    Dont speak too soon, Blair was on the brink of resigning a month ago. Things are a bit too hot for him.

    I didnt see Panorama though


  • blondie
  • Satanus

    One thing to remember about bush: a large proportion of americans identify w him, w his style, his persona. He may look like the village idiot to others, but not to the above mentioned people. It will take a tremendous media effort to break that bond. Bear in mind too, that the pope has sided w w bush. Who wooda thought that?


  • Satanus

    Is there a link to watch it on computer?


  • Mulan

    I just finished reading John Dean's book, Worse Than Watergate, and it revealed a lot. He had a huge section in the back for all his documentation. It seems to be factual. Very, very scary stuff. Bush and Cheney are criminals.

    Sorry you are having that scandal over there, Simon. I just wish something would be done about it all.

  • ozziepost

    A bit off topic but I can't help feeling sorry for Colin Powell. Just lately he's been appearing very uncomfortable. Is he the fall guy? - or am I just naive? Well, I am upside down downunder!!


  • Simon

    I think Colin Powell has been doing a sterling job of distancing himself from the neo-cons in the regime and does seem to be about the only decent one of the lot. I just wish he'd come clean fully with some of the behind the scenes stuff.

    Re: Blair and Bush. I think Blair will go as the British people do not appreciate being lied to. I don't think that most Bush supporters care to be honest whether he lied - they got to have a war and see some guns fired, yeehah, high-fives etc ...

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