Watchtower logic?

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  • hubert

    In the "You Can Live Forever" book on page 191, It states.."WHY CAN WE (in capitals) be certain that God has a visible organization? One reason is that he has an invisible organization."

    Duh? Huh? What?

    Is that a REASON? This statement doesn't even make any sense to me. How can anyone read this and call it a reason? What are some of the other reasons? If this is their best proof, it leaves a lot to be desired. What other "proof" is there that there is a visible organization?

    That's like saying.... (In reverse) There is a visible Brookline Bridge, so therefore there must be an invisible Brookline Bridge? Does anyone know where it is? I wouldn't want to drive over it.

    Where's the logic in this statement? What other "proof" is there?

  • Stephanus
    Watchtower logic?

    I never thought I'd ever live to see those words used together!

  • VM44

    This is an example of invisible logic!


  • XQsThaiPoes

    THe best example was my dad was telling about a model they have at bethel of the temple. The guide says something like,

    "now if any gentile entered into the vaccenity Jehovah's temple at any time instantly they would die. I may have been harsh but it was Jehovah's way. Now if you notice this part of the temple are destroyed by the babylonians and they only left this one part of the wall, and before that it was destroyed by the egyptians, and the assyrians destoryed this part, and finally in 70 ce the Romans destroyed the whole thing except the wailing wall which you can still go to see today."

  • kls

    There is no logic,many times the watchtower headings and articles make no sense,look at the religion, there is no logic there either.

  • metatron

    Military Justice

    Arab Unity

    Black Power

    Safe Sex

    Jumbo Shrimp

    Watchtower Logic

    They're called oxymorons


  • lisaBObeesa
    WHY CAN WE (in capitals) be certain that God has a visible organization? One reason is that he has an invisible organization."

    LOL! That is too funny! A few years ago when I was ripping that book to shreds, I scribbled the word, "Fallacy!" next to that paragraph (actually I wrote the word 4 times on that page)...but I don't think I even noticed that first, glaringly ridiculous statement! Glad you pointed it out!

    Here is one of my one of my favorite tidbits from the Live Forever book:

    ?How good it is to know the truth about the dead! It can truly set on free from fear and superstition.?

    ??immediately followed by:

    ?Wicked Sprits are Powerful." (----Last words page 89 and first words page 90.)


  • hubert

    Ha, Ha !! Thanks, LisaBo, I hadn't seen that one. Now I know why I call these books my "funny books". They are better than comics!

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