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    Below is some mail sent to me about what someone is doing with the CD-Rom of WT SUbliminal Images.

    Have removed some names for protection


    1st Letter

    You will have no been notified about the cdorm and the images leaked from the WT. It is all true! I have just gone live from our web site about the images and what has happened so far! If you want a cd, I can copy mine, please get the images examined by professionals, they will tell you exactly what the WT artists have done and are subliminally showing. I had them examined, you can read all about it at www.welcome.to/witnesscd I have informed the Scouting association just the other day, the head guy was really shocked and is informning all the leaders and parents about what is being brought to people's homes. I am seeing the schools today and have an appointment with the MP next Friday, he has now been fully informed and is bursting to see the evidence. Below is a write up about what happened the the day, it's all true, this will bring the WT down. Subliminal imagery like this is illegal. Everyone has to help and do their bit, as you can see we are doing our bit up here and eeryone who has seen these images has been really shocked, and I mean really! The witneses won't stand a chance once these gets in the press! Hear from you soon. All the best, Pxxx & Jxxxx Write up from the other day! What a day! Yesterday, I arranged a meeting with the main head of the Scouting Association and today, 6th July I went to his home at 11.00am with a bag of Watchtower publications and spooky cdrom pictures. I briefly told him my background, how I found out about the Watchtower and how our help line started. I briefed him on the books and magazines and the subject of subliminal images then started to present the evidence. Book after book, page after page, magazine after magazine and so on. Finally I came to the Knowledge book and showed him the actual page of the book and asked him to examine it in detail. Like many others now, he could see nothing wrong with it. I then showed him the 10 x 8 colour enlargements that we had professionally printed. He was clearly amazed at the images. He could see exactly how they were made up by the artist and could see no problem what image they were putting across, the ram and worship of the devil. I spent an hour going over many different subliminal images and he gave me some accounts relating to his encounters with the Jehovah's witnesses experienced over his 42 years in the Scouts. He agreed that "People should be made aware of the danger that was being brought in to people's homes and their minds without their knowledge." He said he wanted to inform all the leaders of the Scout Packs, from the young Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, to the older Explorers. He also stated that the parents had to be informed as well and asked if I had any pre-written letters that he could use to start with. I said I would get them to him soon. He also said he would use his e-mail to contact other Scout groups around the country and for them to pass the information on around the world. (The Scout membership is 25 milion.) He ended by saying that he certainly had his eyes opened today. I went home and phoned Michael to tell him what had happened. He started by saying what he had been busy doing. A guy who was fighting a legal battle wanted these images from the Knowledge book to present to the judge as part of his court case and Michael was asking how he could get the 10 x 8 glossy photographs copied cheaply so he could send them out to him and people like him? Michael asked if I could copy some more cd's from mine and could I have tem ready to collect in 30 minutes, so I did. I said I was going down town with Joanne so he came and picked us up and we dropped Joanne off at the gym to see if she could get on to a routine to strengthen her back after the operation. Michael and I went to a hobby shop that did copying and we went in with one of the least offensive images. (Image of the Ram painted in grapes.) He asked if he could have a sample of a full colour copy. When it came out of the machine, it was perfect, thin paper but perfect in detail and colour. Only £1.00 Well, that was it! Out came all the other photographs and he said, "I want copies from this one, copies from this one, copies from these, and these and these and these!" The lady who owned the shop picked up one of the 10 x 8 photographs and just stared at it. "Who did this?" she asked I a startled tone. "Jehovah's witnesses!" Michael replied. "You're kidding?" "No!" "Let me see some more!" Michael showed her some more and she could not believe what she was seeing. Just then, another customer came in. The counter was full of large colour pictures. He could see them and said, "Excuse me, could I see them please!" Michael showed the guy the photographs and he was dumfounded. Shaking his head from side to side, trying to take in all the information we were telling him, his eyes were glued to the images, looking at them one way then turning them up side down and seeing more faces. He was shocked in to silence. Then an elderly lady came in and waited her tun to be served. Michael's copies were rolling of the colour copier and the shop owner was staring at the ones ready to go in to the machine, the other customer was still lost for words as he examined more photographs, then the elderly lady piped up! "Excuse me, she said loudly butting in, could I see those pictures too?" I said to Michael quietly be careful not to scare her but she was very positive and said, "Don't worry I have a faith!" She examined the photographs and images and was stunned. "My God! she exclaimed, who is responsible for this, me, Michael, the shop owner and the customer replied, "Jehovah's witnesses!" "This is deplorable, you must get this to the public, have you heard of a Christian radio station down south, they would love this, that is where I come from, I'm busy visiting my mother in the old peoples home over the road. Can I get some copies, I'll pay for them of course, I want to show people, they have to see this!" We explained the images to her and she chose the most shocking ones and had them copied. I told them a bit about Joanne's story and how we met and what happened and the elderly said, "So you wife is a Christian, what about you, is she not working in you?" I smiled and said, "Yes she was, but I did not feel religious!" She smiled, touched my forearm, and said, "You know, all you have to do to have Jesus, is believe in him?" I smiled and she thanked us very much for letting her have the photographs copied, I said thanks and I hope you will find some good use for the copied photographs, "Don't worry, she said, they will be!" and she just started at the copies she held in her hands. Then another customer came in, he stood there for a few minutes and was just looking at the counter, covered in these pictures, while the colour copier was churning more out. It did not take him long to speak up. "Excuse me, can I see these pictures, can I have a look!" Michael was explaining more to the shopkeeper and telling her about the cdrom. The shopkeeper was explaining to the elderly lady who was entranced at the photographs, turning them one way then the other. I was now explaining everything to the new customer and he was the one who was most clearly shocked and in disbelief at what he was seeing. Michael said, "On the cdrom you can see these in incredible detail!" The shopkeeper said, "Can you get me one!" Michael forgot that he had some in the car so I reminded him that he had 10 in the car. So he went out and came back with a hand full. The elderly lady said, "How much are they, I want one for my son!" We both said they are free, no charge, people need to be protected and informed about what is being placed in their homes and minds. The elderly lady said, "Can I have one please?" The other customer also wanted one so he could see all the images in detail and to show his son as he was a vicar who was involved in Radio and TV. The customer said, his son had to see these and he said he would do his best to get them in to the media. This guy was clearly very shocked and said, "That means that children are also viewing these subliminally!" The shop fell silent and Michael said, "Yes!" Everyone was quiet for a few seconds except for the colour copier as it churned out more. Everone agreed that the children ned to be protected from this, and Michael and I said we were doing our best to inform all the right people, the police, the government, churches, everyone needed to know. Then we all continued viewing the other images until everyone had seen them all. The last customer said he was a book writer, that he had wrote 6 books, had them published in the states and wanted more information about this and to see more subliminal images. He asked for my details, phone number and e-mail address, and he gave him his. The shopkeeper said, "I can't wait to get home to view the cdrom! I can't wait" The writer said he would wait till I contacted him and could not wait to show his vicar son who would be coming up from the South tomorrow. Even the shopkeeper was printing off her own colour copies to keep. What a day! These images are the most powerful weapon ever released from within the Watchtower and they work every time, and mean every time! All the best, Pxxx & Jxxx.


    2 nd LETTER

    Hi Pxxx, Hi Fxxx, great to hear from you. > nice to hear from you and love to Jo and family. I wil pass it on. > > I took the CD to my church,the Pastor looked at it and told me to 'throw it > in the bin' Unfortunatelly, you will get people what that sort of attitude, instead of examining it as the instructions say and helping millions, it's easier to say bin it! Sad! I have sent the CD to Alan Morrison,if anyone will do anything > with it it will be him.His website is Diakrisis. I will check it out, thanks. > > He has written about subliminal images,and is very courageous and > outspoken, Great! I was on his mailing list but my computer went down and now I have > lost touch .So not heard any more. OK. > > there was discussion on the reachout trust forum about it and the opinion > was to leave it alone. Sad, they obviously did not read the instructions, typical men! ;-) RT have the CD. Great, tell them to have the images professionally examned by an artist, I did this and the reaction was amazing! You can read all about this on our web site. I gave Axxx, and Mxxx Txxxx e-mail and > they have been in touch as Mike lives in Swansea. > Mxxx did not think much of it all . Don't know who Mxxx is, send him my link www.welcome.to/witnesscd and tell him to read what is there about the images. Get teh cdrom and READ the instructions and picture description. Gordon from RT sent me the CD,I believe > he has sent quite a few out. Great! I also gave the info out to people in Canada and > America, with Gordons e-mail if they wanted the CD . Had quite a few e-mails requesting the cd and people are blown away as they can see exactly what is hidden in that painting. > > Ian the resident helper on RT also said negative things about it. Shame, when this all comes out, ther is going to be a lot of egg on people's faces. > > The main concern I have is :that JWS will close ranks see all this as just > another form of persecution which they are expecting. Once this hits the press, no one in their right minds will have anything to do with the Watchtower or the witnesses, so far I have had 100% success EVERYTIME I have shown people, I read the instructions line by line, it is becoming abvious that other people have just whipped through the cdrom and not paid any attention to the word file. Ask Jo how it was as a > JW.They are being prepped and warned about the media.Far better to give them > the real Gospel ,which will lead them to saving faith. That's one thing but this is from inside the Watchtower and can't be denied. THIS will bring them down. > > I beleive we are in the 'last of the last days' as world events are > unfolding now,and this is not JW stuff.The last days having started at > Pentecost,just as the days of Noah'wickedness all around,look at the 'gay > scene' 'new age',persecution of real Christians.The new heaven and new earth > is just ahead, > God is in control he always is,he will bring the WT down. How do you not know that he is the one behind exposing these images? He is calling > everyone everywhere to repent.to turn to Him ,to accept His son as the only > means of salvation. > We are in a spiritual war,Jo will explain this to you. I will ask Joanne. > Paul send me by post anything you have ,If the Lord wants me to do anything > with it I will, Brilliant, what is you address? > I will pray about it and be led by Him. That will do me! > My printer is faulty at the moment. > Diakrisis mailing list < alan [email protected]> why not look on his > website? I will check that out. > > take care, > love, > fxxxx Below is a copy of what happened today! All the best and don't forget to check out www.weclome.to/witnesscd 9th July I had an appointment with the head of the local school. I took with me the same books, magazines and 10 x 8 glossy photographs from the cdrom that we had professionally enlarged and which I showed the Head of the scouts. Having seen the sweetie jar in the heads room before, I started the conversation by liking what I had to show to what I had heard before regarding sweets that had been deliberately tampered with. Some nasty drug dealers had laced a popular kids sweetie sticker with a drug, acid or something like that. The sweetie sticker had on it a picture of Bart Simpson to attract the kids. But inside this ordinary looking sweetie, lay a hidden danger. The head agreed that this was shocking indeed. I then took out the Knowledge book and showed the head a selection of pictures and said these look harmless but turning to page 35 another ordinary looking picture, just like the laced sweetie, they lay a hidden danger. The head looked at page 35 and gave it a good examine. Of course, just like the tasty fun looking sweetie sticker, on the surface they did not appear any danger . I then showed the head a 10 x 8 enlargement of the same picture and the head agreed that it was exactly the same. I then showed the head the next photo, showing the true image the artist was hiding, disguised as the story of Jesus healing the sick, this we have just been informed as being Revelation 4 the throne of God. Straight away, the head pointed out the large mans face in the upper left hand side of the photo made from leaves. Once I told the head what the scripture Revelation 4 says, the head easily seen the three other large faces making up the 4 living creatures in Revelation 4 that surround the throne. I showed the head more photos and there was absolutely no problem identifying the many images. One after the other the head pointed out the image of the goat and the Ram. I did not say anything other than, look at this section, what do you see? Turning the photos up side down, the head pointed out more faces and said, "These are shocking! How did you come across them?" I told the head about the help line we run and a very brief outline about how it all started and how Joanne's mother acts towards us. The head gave quite a few accounts of experiences during the time in teaching. The head said, during the time teaching, it was very noticeable how different the kids were and how differently they were treated because of being Jehovah's witnesses. No birthdays, no Christmas, taken out of assemblies the head said. No blood! I said. We just looked as I picked up a photograph showing the large face of Satan and said, and this is what they are refusing blood for! The head said, "I just can't believe it!" The head told me on many occasions when the witnesses called at the family home, they were sent packing. One particular occasion, witnesses called at the home and when they started telling the householder about themselves, the head replied, "I know all I need to know about you, I have a Jehovah's witness child in my school, I teach her, and she is the most unhappiest child I have ever seen!" This statement to me lead on to telling the head that Joanne was born in to this group and was a witness for 28 years until I showed her the truth. The head laughed and said, "So Joanne must view you are her saviour!" I laughed and said, I suppose so! The head looked at more photos and examined them in detail. I showed the page of Job in the Knowledge book and said, "You would never guess what his is!" I then took out the large 10 x 8 photo and the head exclaimed, "It's an animal skull!" I said, you don't need me to tell you what it's all about, you can see for yourself! Yes, came the answer, I can see. The head looked at all the 10 x 8 photos and I then showed the head various magazines and books that contained other subliminal images. Again, there was no problem at all identifying what the subliminals were and what they represented. I told the head I was meeting with the Member of Parliament next Friday about these subliminal images, images that are illegal and which are being placed in people's minds, especially the minds of children. I told the head what the Head Leader of the scouts said and what he was going to do and the head agreed that the children should be protected and I was guaranteed that no material published by the Watchtower would ever enter the school. If it did, it would be put straight in the bin. The head said the governors of the school will be informed about the subliminal images and their meaning as well as the teachers who have close links with the local churches. One particular teacher being married to a minister of a large local Church. The head was very pleased that people like Joanne and I were informing people about things the public should know about to safeguard them and the children and admired our determination. The head was also very pleased that I brought it to the attention of the school. When I got home, Michael phoned and asked me to call in at his as he had prepared a written statement about himself, the subliminal images and people's reaction to them. I told him about the meeting at the school and he remarked, "That's another avenue closed down to the witnesses!" He looked at me and said, "How many other people are actively using these subliminal images to put a stop to the activities of the Watchtower? and just look at the ones making fun of it!" He went on to say, "Even though people saw Jesus perform miracles, raise people from the dead, they were those who still chose not to believe in Him!" These kinds of people who choose to see camper vans and the like in the worst subliminal imagery ever seen, obviously disgracing Christ and clearly worshipping the Devil are no better than those who denied Christ after all He did in front of their eyes. Rather than use the most powerful images ever leaked to the outside world to help free their lost brothers and sisters, there are those in chat rooms who apparently by their comments, still are or who were Jehovah's witnesses but still retain the same mind set, who have done nothing but laugh and ridicule the evidence and the people who are actively and physically going out on the street and doing their best to warn the public and help other people who are trapped in the same place from which the scoffers themselves escaped from. I told Michael, I will eventually find an artist who will examine page 35 of the Knowledge book and give their professional opinion on its creation and content and when I do and when I post it, those who belittled and derided all we have done to help others escape the Watchtower, will have the smiles wiped of their faces.

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