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    A recent report from the US Senant blasted the CIA for "Group Think" regarding its faulty intelligence of Iraq. What struck me immediately is this is a perfect definition of JW's policy of control. Consider the following from the link shown below. Red highlights in italic comments are mine.


    Group Think

    This following is from the textbook "Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology". The characteristics of group think is something to be avoided. It's somewhat 1984-ish.

    Necessary Conditions

    • A cohesive group. (Proof of God's spirit?)
    • Isolation of the group from outside influences. (Separation from "world", no marriage to unbelievers, friendship to outsiders condemned)
    • No systematic procedures for considering both the pros and cons of different courses of action. (Even for "anointed" who are not governing body)
    • A directive leader who explicitly favors a paticular course of action. ( Governing Body)
    • High stress. (Pressure to conform through loss of family, threat of vindictive god at "Armageddon")


    • Illusion of invulnerability, morality, and unanimity. (A "clean organization", Jah will protect/resurrect, "Jah has always one organization he has worked with")
    • Pressure on dissenters. (Disfellowshipping, collective peer action for small deviations e.g. facial hair, 2-door cars)
    • Self-censorship of dissent. ("Bible-trained conscience" is actually WTBTS programming)
    • Collective rationalization. ("New light", "Jehovah will correct in his due time" )
    • Self-appointed mind guards. (Programmed fear of apostates, "Don't even look!")

    Flaws of Decision Making Process Under Groupthink

    • Incomplete survey of the group's objectives and alternative courses of action. (WTBTS cannot be honest about its objective to prosper on the backs of it members/contributors, thus it cannot make informed desicions to increase its membership except to rely on its typical cult-tactics)
    • Failure to examine the risks of the preferred choice. (Policy of "impending end" deflated by new understanding of "1914 generation" and other previous failed timelines. Risk: Massive defection )
    • Poor and incomplete search for relevant information. (Publications very selective with literary sources and rarely referenced)
    • Selective bias in processing the information at hand. (Constant awfulization of "world" regarding "signs of the times" and other negatives. Enforced image: unloving, cold society outside organization)
    • Failure to reappraise rejected alternatives. (Note: First two Presidents of WTBTS are effectively considered apostate based on their rejected teachings)
    • Failure to develop contingency plans in case of failure. (WTBTS increasingly reactive to apostate actions. After 1975 fallout and Ray Franz defection, only a severe clampdown on apostacy and desent. What is the plan when the GB dies off shortly?)

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