Hotels or Kingdom Halls- which is Important

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  • JT

    I understand the boys are building more hotels up at the Farm-

    i had a coversation with a jw about this issue and i asked them to consider-

    When folks go to bethel they are on VACATION, when they go to the HaLL it is to worship god-

    so why would the Society spend One dime of Theocratic Monies to build hotels for folks visiting on vacation and not cut a check so that some little old 79yr old sister will not have to sit on wooden benches in 98 degree heat-

    the person looked at me and it was with that "I never thougth about that before" look

    and i clould see the wheels spinnning in their mind- but it is another example of how little wt thinks about its oldest memembers how sad

  • minimus

    Obviously, the hotels are for the elderly.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    When my father got back from wallkill he said "Its spreading like a cancer... a good cancer."

    Also the bethele artist have their own lines of for profit merchandise and prints. Oddly some look like watchtower rejects were they have this surreal quality to them.

    As for the elderly the wts bought them scooters.

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